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We are a group of motivated students coming from the University of Montpellier and also from Paris AgroParisTech engineering School. Due to the COVID 19 situation, we started the iGEM adventure without knowing each other, and like many other iGEM teams, we worked online and met by videoconferencing. Nevertheless, over the weeks we got to know each other and formed a great team, and we finally met in person in July! One richness of our team is that students come from different backgrounds and are highly complementary. Depending on our expertise and personal taste, we worked on specific aspects of the project including design, experiments, modeling, as well as human practices, communication to the public, and creation of a video-game yet we always got together to discuss and improve each component of the project.

Team members

Julien Casalengo

WetLab expert
School: 3rd year undergraduate student, biology, University of Montpellier
Always late but always here when we need him, Julien sacrificed nights to lead Phagent further when he was not in the lab conducting experiments.
Why iGEM: He came here because this is a great opportunity to put into practice a subject that fascinates him, take up a difficult challenge and have the chance to create something useful.

Alicia Da Silva

Human practice and communication manager
School: 3rd year undergraduate student, microbiology, University of Montpellier
Managing the team and organizing time like no one, Alicia always keeps an eye on iGEM even kilometers away, reminding deadlines and communicating about Phagent on social media.
Why iGEM: She came to iGEM to have fun,about science and of course how a team works.

Théo Hérail

DryLab guru
School: 1st year graduate student, life science engineering, AgroParisTech
Efficient and silent, Theo works in the shadow reading articles, finding ideas and producing results like no other, he build the roots of the project and run code like no one.
Why iGEM: He is here to learn from all the different teams, to tackle life issues with the team and have fun in the competition.

Safa Ioui

Fundraising supervisor
School: 1st year undergraduate student, biology, University of Montpellier
The youngest member of the team, Safa worked on the fundraising; her kindness contributed to the nice atmosphere of the group.
Why iGEM: She wants to share her positive energy and her big smile, she believes that union is a strength that will make us champions.

Juliette Moreau

DryLab experimenter and wiki organizer
School: 1st year graduate student, life science engineering, AgroParisTech
Workaholic and full of kindness, Juliette is always here to help the team in any circumstance. She wrote the model under the advice of the team and built communication support.
Why iGEM: She participates in iGEM in order to meet new people and share her adventure with a team.

Iman Tsabet

WetLab officer
School: 2nd year graduate student, biotechnology, University of Montpellier
Iman distributed energy in the project and to the team making things move and keeping link between members despite the distance. She worked in the lab with Julien learning a lot about lab experimentation.
Why iGEM: She wants to discover new things, learn and have new experiences.

Baddredine Zaïdi

Video game master
School: 1st year graduate student, physics, University of Montpellier
Dealing with a crowded schedule, Badreddine spent hours coding the Phagent video game, the little jewel of the project!
Why iGEM: He is here because he wants to have fun and have some competition.

Principal Instructors:

Jerôme Bonnet
Guillaume Cambray
Diego Cattoni
Luca Ciandrini
Christine Doucet


Peter Voyvodic


Thomas Bessede
Jocelyn Coiffard
Elsa Fristot