Education is an important side of iGEM we have tried to highlight through all the summer. We felt it was essential to share knowledge beyond the scientific community. First it raises awareness about biology problems. Then by involving the public in scientific projects, people don’t feel that scientists hide things to them avoiding hostile reaction to new technologies. Finally sharing science in younger spheres can raise vocations.

The Phagent summer series
During all summer our social networks were supplied by little images in a comic style explaining science. It was based on the three axes of Phagent: phages, cancer and microbiome. Three seasons divided themselves in six or seven episodes released twice a week. You can read those episodes clicking on the thumbnails.

Phagent series become a book
In order to reach more people and a younger public, we decided to print the episodes and make it a book! Twenty copies have been made and spread in different French junior highschools and highschools. The goal was to diffuse scientific knowledge in order to help pupils find what they like in life by hatching their curiosity. Moreover it is a way to make known Montpellier iGEM team in the region and more generally to reveal the iGEM competition and world beyond the scientific biotechnology people.

I've gotta PhD collaboration
I’ve gotta PhD is a Facebook page created by two Twaianese teams CSMU and NCKU. The acronym PhD is used for Public health eDucation and the goal is to share ideas, deliver knowledge, or even start a discussion with any kind of creative formats. When we saw the opportunity to spread more knowledge we didn’t hesitate long and decided to participate in the project. It was the opportunity to share on another subject than Phagent as our social networks were already dedicated to Phagent. You can discover below the subject we choose and the poster created.