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Member Contribution Table


We also thank the following instructors from Northeast Forestry University for supporting our project and providing constructive suggestions:

Yuhua Li Professor, College of Life Science

Chunbo Teng Professor, College of Life Science

Xiang Li Lecturer, College of Life Science

Yu Wang Professor, College of Life Science

NEFU_China 2020 Team is particularly grateful to the following institutions for funding our iGEM project:

College of Life Science, Northeast Forestry University

We would like to thank the faculty of the Discipline of Developmental Biology for letting us use their laboratory space, granting the access to laboratory equipment and providing guidance throughout our project.

We would like to thank our (four instructors) sincerely, for helping us improve our project and guiding us to do better in the final presentation. Thanks for all the time and efforts they have spent in our competition.

We appreciate the help from previous iGEMers for sharing their experience of the iGEM and giving us useful suggestions.