Team:NEFU China/Member




  • Qinghua Li

        Last year he was a member of iGEM and this year he is the project leader of our team. He has a strong sense of responsibility and collective sense of honor, keen observation and strong self-confidence. As a student leader, his most important task every day is to remind other members to finish the task and tell them the deadline is coming. The two years in iGEM have made him grow and learn a lot, and he believes they can achieve better results this year.

  • Dengxuan Zhu

        In the team, he was responsible for the experimental verification of Lux operon and the exploration of gel preparation, and then he was responsible for the tests of yqjF promoter and Riboswitch. He likes to challenge new things and is often obsessed with imagination.

  • Hao Xu

        She is a quiet girl and always gets fun from her teammates. She enjoys learning new things and knowledge. In spare time, she likes rock music, travel and pretty girls. Of course, she was involved in the design and experiment of our project.

  • Zhifu Shang

        He was responsible for the basic work at the initial stage of the project. As a chemical engineering student, he helped the team put forward many constructive ideas with his active thinking and professional knowledge. In addition, he is willing to devote to creative work, learn new knowledge and techniques.

  • Yangjinghui Zhang

        He is both active and quiet in the team. He sometimes provides several imaginative ideas and makes frequent communication with the related team members. In our group, He participates in the human practice part and innovative designs.

  • Jichao Zhu

        He is responsible for web pages designing in the team. He has strong innovation ability and rich design experience, and can always put forward novel ideas to cope with difficulties.

  • Zhuocheng Pan

       He is a member who takes charge of web pages designing. He has strong sense of responsibility and rich design ideas for innovating the project.

  • Jianing Hu

        She is a junior majoring in accounting. She is responsible for the human practice part of the team mainly relying on her professional knowledge. In the team, she gains scientific thinking, continuous learning, and never stops exploring the truth. " This experience is a gift, because every time I think of it, I will be moved, and it is also the driving force to move forward. "

  • Ying Wang

       She is a cheerful girl, majoring in economic statistics, who is good at modeling and data analysis. Her hobbies are reading and watching movies.

  • Xueying Wang

        She is an optimistic and cheerful girl with innovative thinking, who likes to propose new ideas. She mainly participates in the hardware and 3D printing part of our team's design.

  • Sunyue Cai

        She is a sophomore in the College of Life Sciences. In our team, she participates in the parts collection and CCiC presentation. In addition, she also prepares a few web pages for the team's wiki.

  • Zhujun Wei

        He is ambitious, aggressive, painstaking and open-minded. He always keeps an objective attitude towards everything and seeks truth.

  • Danjie Song

        She is an eloquent girl who loves life. In life, she prefers to learn new things and challenge herself. In her spare time, she will choose to read books or watch movies, and she is full of hope and expectation for the future. At the same time, she is also very interested in natural science and hopes to learn something from it.

  • Shuairun Wang

        As the secretary of the First Class of Biological Sciences, he is a simple, stable, and careful boy. He likes listening to sad love songs and composing poems. During the eight-month holiday, he lived and studied happily. When the semester began, his figure greatly surprised everyone.

  • Yi Wang

       He is a sunshine boy from Hubei Province who brings happiness to the team. He is a guy with a golden radio of body, but never shows off. As the third tallest member in the team, he always keeps high key with things and low key with people in mind and is really responsible.

  • Yi Zheng

       AKA Justin. He is a upright boy from Shandong Province who loves life and new things. As the second tallest boy in the team, he undertook the arduous physical labor in the experiment. He is so into singing, dance and rap in his spare time. Also, he is a continual source of delight to the team.

  • Zhenyu Sun

       She is an intellectual girl from Shanxi Province, quiet and gorgeous but approachable. She is mainly responsible for liaison work and basic management of the team. She is a pretty girl with super-sweet voice. She is kind-hearted and gets on well with all the team-members.

  • Zishuo Xu

        He is a gentle boy who loves music and basketball. At the same time, he has enthusiasm, patience and perseverance for many things. He has a strong sense of responsibility and likes to make new friends. In the team, he was mainly responsible for the human practice and the simulation design and virtual screening of enzymes, and participated in the experimental work of the team.

  • Heng Li

        She is cheerful, warm and generous. She enjoys delicious food and loves running. She often dreams of traveling around the world and tries her best to jump out of her own little world!

  • Xinlu Liu

        She undertakes the task of designing graphics and some experiments. She loves to take photos and retouch images, which makes the team fulfill the task much easier. Last but not least, no one can escape from her personal charming especially the sweet smile with giggling.

  • Jiajun Wu

       He is a sophomore majoring in biological science. He is fond of electronic technology. He likes to learn new knowledge, and is willing to share with others.

  • Xishan Jin

        She is a girl who is really into biology and digital design. As an art designer of our team, she is frequently fighting against her fingers. While doing experiment, she made herself to calm down to avoid being nervous.

  • Yifan Bian

        She is a lively girl who likes talking with others but also likes thinking alone. She also likes reading detective novels and watching movies. She thinks pipette is cool!

  • Yanqiang Xi

       He is a quiet boy and always likes to stay in peaceful places. Adaption is ineluctable, he has been trying to adapt to everything around him. Memory is the only thing he can help.

  • Beifang Zhang

        He is a boy who is of great delicacy and has a high standard of general quality ‘s life. Now he’s trying to be a good painter.

  • Yueying Gao

        She is like a kind of painting machine, needing ice-cream and video games as fuels to keep working. She hopes one day there can be less exams.

  • Ailing Zhong

        She consists of 23% enthusiasm, 20% volubility, 19% responsibility, 18% curiosity, 7% perfectionism, 6% humor, 4% preciseness and 3% others. Learning, experimenting and art designing is her functions.

  • Jian Song

        He looks serious but has a warm heart. He loves doing calligraphy and playing ping-pong. He is the tallest man in the team(or may be not). He is often found humming little-known songs. And about him, the interesting fact is that the one who stares at him for a long time will be paid a shy smile. As a member of the lab group, he is in charge of the gene knockout, mutant plasmid detection, transformation pathway construction and so on.


  • Yaru Gu

        Contribution: As one of advisors, her experience is highly valuable and always give her suggestions frankly. She guided the learning and growth of the new members and tried her best to solve the problem if she discovered. She sincerely serves our team as a family that we like her passion and responsibility.

  • Yanwen Wang

        Contribution: As one of advisors, she was also in charge of giving suggestions for the ideas and experiments.

  • Chuyue Zhao

       Contribution: As one of advisors, he has participated in iGEM for four times. As the advisor of the group, he was responsible for suggestions for the ideas and experiments.

  • Xiwen Zhang

       Contribution: As one of advisors, she is an old experienced player in iGEM. She leaded freshmen to get familiar with iGEM. She's also in charge of giving suggestions for the ideas and experiments. She gave advice on our gene knockout.

  • Yifan Tan

        Contribution: As one of advisors, she has extensive experience and participated in two sessions of IGEM. She is responsible for leading the modeling team to construct mathematical models and also pays attention to the progress of the software team. This year proposed the combination of remote sensing and biology, and she led the hardware team to explore the hardware.

  • Xiujie Zhang

       Contribution: As one of advisors, she has participated in the competition last year. She has a strong sense of responsibility and her main task is to train and help the team members.

  • Duolin Sun

       Contribution: As one of advisors, he is mainly responsible for guiding the construction of the wiki, and also teaching some biological knowledge.

  • Yuhan Liu

       Contribution: As one of advisors, this is the second time he has taken part in IGEM. His main task is to make some valuable suggestions on our project.

  • Changyi He

       Contribution: As one of advisors, she is very enthusiastic and patient to help the team work and care about the progress of the team.


  • GuangChao Sui, Ph.D

       The research area: Gene expression in different systems; epigenetic regulation of cancer development and progression.

  • Pengchao Wang, Ph.D

        The research area: Metabolic engineering for value-added chemicals, synthetic biology.

  • Yu Wang, Ph.D

        The research area: The molecular mechanism of anthocyanin metabolism in horticultural plants under short-wavelength light irradiation; synthesis pathway analysis and enzyme conversion of important natural active substances from Araliaceae plants.

  • Zheyong Xue, Ph.D

        The research area: Plant biochemistry, P450 enzyme related to terpenoid biosynthesis.

  • Xiaoyan Li, Ph.D

       The research area: Development and utilization of biological materials.

  • Chengwei Liu, Ph.D

        The research area: Analysis of the biosynthetic pathways of secondary metabolites of large fungi (mushrooms); activated potentially functional genes and discover new compounds.

  • Xin Hua, Ph.D

        The research area: Natural active product screening, drug analysis, drug metabolism, pharmacology, pathway analysis of secondary metabolites of medicinal plants.