Team:NEFU China/Parts




As the most basic module, parts have a significant influence on the direction of our project. Plenty of parts have been used by iGEMers every year that contributes to so many great cases. This year we want to apply some of parts to landmines detection. For the purpose of landmines detection, we find many parts related to landmines. Some of parts can be activated by substances from landmines. To make it easier in activation, some parts are used to reduce the detection threshold. All of these parts make our project perfect! In order to provide other teams more choices, we also bring some novel parts to iGEM.

Basic Parts

Name Number Type Description Length
yqjF BBa_K1316002 Promoter Promoter of the yqjF gene, which is activated by the presence of several nitrogen-based compounds such as 2,4,6-TNT, 2,4-DNT and 1,3-DNB. 240 bp
EGFP BBa_K2559005 Coding This part codes green fluorescent protein. Though its biological function is similar to that of E0040, this part is supposed to produce stronger fluoresce than R0040. 699 bp
Cytosolic-abundant heat soluble protein 106094 BBa_K3457012 Coding CAHS 106094 with a 6X His tag. 702bp
yhaJ BBa_K3350857 Coding It is a DNA-binding transcriptional activator. 897bp
TrrnB BBa_K2913020 Terminator A terminator works well. 158 bp
pBAD BBa_K2913022 Promoter The pBAD expression system allows tightly controlled, titratable expression of your protein through the regulation of specific carbon sources such as glucose, glycerol, and arabinose. pBAD is ideal for expressing toxic proteins and optimizing protein solubility in Escherichia coli . 330 bp

Composite Parts

Name Number Type Description Length
LuxAB BBa_K216008 Coding The dimeric bacterial luciferase LuxAB produces light in the presence of oxygen, FMNH2, and a long chain aldehyde. 2110bp
LuxCDE BBa_K322312 Coding LuxCDE codes for a fatty acid reductase complex that makes the fatty acids, which is necessary for the luciferase mechanism. 3590bp
nemA-nfsA-nfsB BBa_K1316006 Coding The nemA-nfsA-nfsB genes are responsible to convert DNT to THT. 2795bp

Improvement Parts

Name Number Type Description Length
yqjF1st BBa_K3350859 Promoter We conducted semi-rational mutagenesis in yqjF promoter (BBa_K1316002) -35 region and generated its mutated version, the yqjF1st promoter. 240bp
yqjF2nd BBa_K3350860 Promoter We made error-prone PCR mutagenesis to randomly mutate the yqjF promoter (BBa_K1316002) and generated its mutated version, the yqjF2nd . 240bp
yqjF3rd BBa_K3350862 Promoter We used semi-rational mutagenesis and error-prone PCR mutagenesis to randomly mutate the yqjF promoter and obtained its mutant versions yqjF1st and yqjF2nd (BBa_K3350859 and BBa_K3350860) with reduced DNT detection thresholds (i.e. increased sensitivity). After combining the favorable mutation sites of the yqjF1st and yqjF2nd , we generated the yqjF3rd promoter 240bp
yhaJ1st BBa_K3350858 Coding We used random error prone PCR mutagenesis to mutated the yhaJ coding sequence. Based on the experimental results, we obtained an improved version of the transcription factor, yhaJ1st . 897bp