Team:NEFU China/Software



The IoT

We implemented an IoT by Arduino, Blinker and Android Studio. For Arduino, we use DC Motor, LED and photoresistance to monitor our device. We use Wi-Fi sensor (NodeMcu) to upload our records to database (Blinker) as well. We send the Photoresistor resistance and GPS data, which is on the Arduino, to the NodeMcu. Then we use the NodeMcu to send the data to Blinker.

Fig.1. The IoT.

This is the Application Interface

How to Use Blinker?

1.Register Blinker

A new user needs to fill in the user name, smart phone number and password.

Fig.2. The Home Page of Blinker.

2.Download Your APP

Fig.3. The APP.

3.Creat Your Project

Fig.4. Creat a New Project.

Fig.5. Add Different Modules.

Please creat data module, switch module, map module, and monitor module. Then you can wait for Arduino to send data by Wi-Fi to your smartphone.

Mobile Terminal Operation Instructions

1.First, make sure that the device and smartphonemobile phone are under the same Wi-Fi server.
2.Click the LED button to turn on the excitation light of the device.
3.Record the values.
4.If the network is delayed, click the refresh button next to the monitor.