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  • Protocols
  • Our wet lab team completed a literature review to find successful protocols for the design of our diagnostic test and the expression of our antibody sequences in E. coli SHuffle. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we primarily spent our laboratory time working on the construction of our lateral flow assay and the obtainment of values for our modeling and hardware sub-teams. Click more to see the protocols we used and hypothesized for the completion of this project.

    Collection of Menstrual Effluent

    Collection Method and Transport (Nayyar et al., 2020)
    Patients will be instructed to wear the menstrual cup for 4 to 8 hours on the day of their heaviest flow. The sample will then be stored in a test tube to be transported to the clinic or laboratory either on ice or refrigerated at 4℃ immediately after collection.

    Protocols for Plasmid Transfection and Antibody Isolation

  • References
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