Rolandas Meškys. Our primary PI who supported us no matter what. He gave us many insights and practical advice, especially with the treatment part and protein purification processes. His positivity and humor always encouraged us not to give up and to move forward.

Paulius Toliušis. As our advisor Paulius Toliušis gave us a lot of insights on helicase activity measurements. His dedication, trust and great desire to help us at any time inspired us to seek our goals as much as possible.

Dainius Tautvaišas. As a longtime member of iGEM community he helped to better understand the basic principles of the competition itself. Also he is an employee of Thermo Fisher Scientific Baltics, so he gave us a huge help on building the bridge between academia and business.

Almira Ramanavičienė. She and her team helped us to synthesize gold nanoparticles. Also, she gave us many insights on these nanoparticles synthesis protocols.

FishNet. At the beginning of the project, they made many practical insights on our ideas and told us a lot about diseases in their farm. FishNet company also showed us how the RAS system works in their farm and told us what challenges they face everyday. More about collaboration with Fishnet you can read here.

Justas Lazutka. Consulted us about membrane tests principles and gave us access to use BioDot.

Juta Rainytė. Conculted us about recombinant protein synthesis in yeasts.

Giedrė Tamulaitienė. Consulted us about the helimerase cloning and purification strategy.

Technoprojektai Micromolds. Developed a convenient case for the LFA test strip.

Algirdas Noreika. Provided plasmids with cloned exolysins gp529_pET28b(+), gp531_pET16b, gp533_pET16b, a purified RAK-2 phage, also consulted us on depolymerase purification and activity experiment strategies.

Andrius Burdulis. Made measurements on synthesized gold nanoparticles.

Kotryna Kvedaravičiūtė. Gave a lot of advices on software development.

Rasa Petraitytė-Burneikienė. Gave us a lot of useful insights on protein synthesis in yeasts.

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