We decided to characterise two sequences that encode the mazE (BBa_K2142001) and mazF (BBa_K2142003) proteins. MazE is antitoxin for the mazF toxin and mazF is antitoxin for the mazE. They both were used by iGEM NAWI Graz team in 2016. MazEF is a toxin-antitoxin relation in E. coli and other bacteria that activates programmed cell death in response to malnutrition. Cell growth and viability are not affected when MazF and MazE are coexpressed.

Another part that we chose to characterise was LuxS (BBa_K091109). LuxS is a synthase that produces 4,5-dihydroxy-2,3-pentanedione (DPD), which spontaneously forms the AI-2 signaling molecule. It was submitted by iGEM Davidson-Missouri Western in 2008. AI-2 is involved in gene expression mechanism - quorum sensing, that is regulated corresponding to cell density.

3D test kit model

To fulfill our goal of developing a rapid detection strip test kit, we collaborated with “Micromolds”. The company assisted us in the design and production of a test kit case, whose form was specially tailored to aid its function. In addition, the 3D model is freely available for other teams to 3D print, use and modify according to their own needs for LFA testing. The design is independent from the material, so using a wide variety of plastic types, including recycled plastic, is possible. Please email us to get the model.