Mentoring of iGEM Hannover 2020: "How to build the Wiki"

“Coming together is a beginning. Staying together is progress. Working together is success”- Henry Ford.

Similarly to Henry Ford's mindset, it is well-known that collaboration is a key-factor to thrive in science. Especially during a pandemic, we realized how much the iGEM community contributes to successful research projects. Even though we had to meet our iGEM friends virtually, we benefitted much from helping each other out. The team we have been working with most, is the iGEM team from Hannover. We mentored the iGEM Team Hannover regarding the design and implementation of a wiki. Supported by this interaction the team was able to display their results in a way that holds up to their amazing work. Hannover had no iGEM teams in the previous years, so we wanted to support them with all the experience and knowledge given to us by our mentors and iGEM alumni.

Figure 1: Team member Melina with our handout

Due to the pandemic we had to hold our workshop via zoom. We introduced the iGEM team Hannover to the basics of HTML and CSS, so that they had everything they needed to build their wiki. We created an example wiki with them to demonstrate the concepts of HTML via examples. It includes different classes and IDs in a CSS file as well as images, videos, tables, text, and different paragraphs in the HTML file. Furthermore, we designed an easy to use handout, so they could look up the basics easily when needed. Questions raised during this exchanged expanded our wiki design skills and we hope to meet up in person as After iGEMers. iGEM includes collaboration as medal criteria to encourage us to collaborate and we now understand why. For us, meeting new iGEM friends, no matter whether from the Hannover team or anywhere else in the world, has been one of the greatest pleasures within this competition!

Interactions with other iGEM Teams

iGEM Team Trace

The iGEM Team Trace planned a week of seminars on the topic of human practice, to which we were invited. This should have taken place in May, but was cancelled due to the pandemic.
Teams from five different European countries were planning to take part part in this seminar, we would have shared our projects and the possibilities of making our project more accessible to laymen and other scientists. Topics such as “Comparing educational methods in science” and “Role play as form of communicating science” were on the agenda.
We are very sad that this opportunity to get to know the other teams and to exchange ideas with them couldn't take place and we hope that next year's teams will get another chance.

German Meetup

We also took part in the German Meetup. This was organized by the iGEM Team Marburg. There were some interesting expert lectures, many different workshops in which we tried to take as many as possible and a poster and video session in which we could gain insights into other projects.
We are very happy that we were able to participate and that the Marburg team organized such a great and educational weekend.