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Safety in Lab

Every member in GZ_HFI who participated in the experimental operation had learned the basic lab safe rules and operations for synthetic biology experiments after approximately one week of training. We strictly followed the lab safe rules in different lab areas (contaminated area, buffering area and clean area) and disposed the experimental waste properly so they would not leak out to the public space. We were under the close guidance of our instructors throughout the experiments.

Our chassis organism were E.coli Nissle 1917 (EcN) and e.coli DH10b. EcN’s safe use in human is elaborated in the “Project - Design” part. DH10b, also known as Top10, is a widely used chassis organism for its high transformation efficiency. Both of them are common used chassises. We were careful to stop those organisms from escaping from the laboratory. Even if they did so, they could not survive in the outer environment for a long time.

Safety in Human Practices

We visited the development area of biotech company XBiome under the guidance of the company’s CEO. We only observed the equipment in distance without touching them. All the biochemical reagents were sealed.

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