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Meet people behind GZ_HFI!

Team Members & Attributions

We are a group of students from the Affiliated High School of SouthNormal University, Guangzhou, China.

Yue Wu

Project Leader

She initiates the idea of the project; manages and participated in almost every aspect of the project; she is also the main designer and participant in experiments.

Xinyang Xie

Head of Experiments

He is the leader for the overall progress of experimental operation and the main contributor for experimental design; director of promotion videos.

Nuo Cen

Head of Human Practices

She is the planner, organizer and main contributor for almost all human practices; she also participates in experiments.

Jifei Xiao

Media Operation Manager

She was in charge of our team's Wechat Official account; she participated in experiments and other human practices as well.

Jiafan Lin

Art Designer

She is in charge of the creation of all the images and posters of this project.

Kexin Huang

She participated in experiments and human practices.

Yanran Sun

She was the main contributor of wiki construction. She also contributed to a large portion of the experiment, as well as brainstorming ideas of human practices and organizing activities.

Yiya Zhang

She participated in experiments and human practices.

Zhuowei Yu

He participated in experiments and human practices.

Xinghao Peng

He participated in experiments and human practices.

Ruizhen Liu

Data Analyst & Web Dev for Project Wiki

He is responsible for the deployment of the project wiki, and he is also in charge of training logistic regression models and performing exploratory data analysis.

Special Thanks

We sincerely express our thankfulness to our instructors Dr. Yeqing Zong and Ying Li for their helpful guidance and detailed advice throughout the progress of the project.

We also want to thank Fankang Meng for his generous assistance on the use of Crispr technology, Xinyun Liu for her editorial advice and guidance of the statistical perspective to analyze our results, and Yiming Chen for his creative inspirations on our promotion video.

We appreciate the CEO of XBiome, Dr. Yiming Ying, and Doctor Hao Wu for warmly accepting our interview. We thank iGEM team SMS_Shenzhen, Greatbay_SZ, 2020 Peking iGEM for their collaborations.

We appreciate the bio club (known as Lilian Bio Kingdom) of the international department, the Affiliated High School of South China Normal University for its collaborative effort to promote the knowledge of synthetic biology. We appreciate Shenzhen Youth Activity Center for providing the space for our exhibitions.

We appreciate SnapGeneĀ® for their sponsorship for this project.

The last but the most important, we sincerely thank everyone who supports and participates in our project. They remind us of the possibilities of scientific innovation and continue inspiring our passion for this project. Thanks for all.

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