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We are approach by SMS_Shenzhen. As they also want to use capsule as the final product of their project and also study the intestinal environment. In this way, we have a lot of opportunity to work together and discuss our plan.

What we do is to share our QR code of survey. As it is inconvenient to communicate face to face with the public during the outbreak of Covid-19, we use electronic version of survey questionnaire which allows more people to access it. Always different readers follow different teams' official accounts, but our project is similar to theirs (both contain intestine health) so readers of both official accounts may be interested in intestine health. As a result, we decide to share our questionnaire with SMS_Shenzhen. We introduce the project of SMS_Shenzhen to our readers and also put the questionnaire at the below. This cooperation with SMS_Shenzhen benefits publicity for project and the public who have opportunity to learn more about other teams' projects.

Also check out the attribution page of Team SMS_Shenzhen


We also cooperate with Greatbay_SZ, a team also using the method of gene knock-out. Due to this overlap, they provide us with basic knowledge about gene knock-out and discuss feasible plans. Also, this is a great chance to get to know more students who are also interested in synthetic biology.

Also check out the attribution page of Team GreatBay_SZ

2020 Peking iGEM

It is lucky to meet 2020 Peking iGEM team actually. After deciding where to hold the exhibition, we find out that we share the same place with 2020 Peking iGEM. Accordingly, we have the opportunity to communicate with this excellent team about some strategies of publicity. To be more specific, as we hold the exhibition in a youth activity center, they give us useful information on where have the most of visitors. Also, for both of our audience of lecture are low-age children, they inspire us to make our PowerPoint for lecture easier for children to understand, which makes a great success. We take photos for each other during the lecture, keeping memories of this collaboration.

Also check out the attribution page of Team Peking iGEM

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