Team:Gaston Day School/Attributions

Attributions in a Nutshell

Brooke Dillingham: Wiki and Video Design and Research

Kristine Huynh: Project Management, Wiki and Video Design(Lead), Research, Safety, and Human Practices

Kate Klinger: Wiki and Video Design and Research

Tiancheng (Eric) Lan: Engineering Success, Design, Research, and Human Practices

Nuoya (Lydia) Liu: Research and Human Practices

Qitong (George) Luan: Project Management, Research(Temporary Lead), Dry Lab(Lead), Collaborations(Lead), Safety(Lead), Human Practices (Initiator), and Wiki and Video Design

Zebin (Frankie) Ni: Research, and Human Practices

Neha Patel: Research and Human Practices

Anika Vercauteren: Project Management, Research (Lead), Safety(Lead), Human Practices, Results, and Diversity and Inclusion

Xining (Yahoo) Wu: Research, Diversity and Inclusion

Jingyu (Gloria) Zhang: Research and Dry Lab(Ran Netlogo Model)

Matilda Ziegler: Project Management (Secretary), Research, and Human Practice (Lead)

Tonito Abello: Wiki Proofreader


Research and Safety: Supervised by Ms. Byford, our Primary Instructor and Upper School Biology and Research Methods Teacher

Human Practices: Supervised by Mrs. Heracklis, our Upper School Environmental Science Teacher

Dry Lab: Supervised by Mr. Greene, our AP Calculus Teacher


We would like to acknowledge of the supports we recieved during this project. Hereby, we express our gratitude to:

The Duncan Family for providing our team registration fee;

The Henry Family and The Hall Family for founding our lab;

Team Imperial College London 2020 for constructing the MATLAB code frame for our gene expression model and project mentorship;

Team St. Andrews 2020 for hosting the UK meetup, providing us the idea of the netlogo model, and troubleshooting our project;

Team TAU Israel 2020 for instructing us how to use SimBiology and Curvefitting toolboxes in great details;

Team William and Mary 2020 for hosting the Mid-Alantic Meetup.


The Duncan Family

The Henry Family

The Hall Family


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Kudzu Background