Team:Gaston Day School/Inclusion

Attestments from Our Own Team Members

"We are a team with high diversity. First, we are a team rich in international members, and there are team members who presently work with us in a different country. These differences enable us to work together to ensure that our endeavors not only benefit Americans, but people all around the world. Second, we are a team that has more female members than male members, even though less than 30% of scientific researchers around the world are women (Kent, 2020). As a female myself, I encourage more women to join us and step into the field of scientific research. The girls on our team made outstanding contributions, from leading human practices, doing the Wiki, to leading the team. Thirdly, we are a team that is welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community. We have a team leader and several team members who are part of the LGBTQ+ community. On our team, and in the world in general, our differences make us stronger and able to ensure that our project is beneficial to all groups."

-Yahoo Wu (Team Member)

"Diversity of thought is one of the most important types of diversity, aside from racial diversity, that is not talked about enough. Especially at Gaston Day, diversity of thought is encouraged in and outside of the classroom. Every student is required to take an art, whether that is drama, visual art, or chorus, even largely stem focused students get to engage in the humanities. In Gaston Day iGEM itself, everyone brings something different to the table in terms of art and design, math, and even english. Additionally, international students are a significant part of our team, and they provide a global perspective to our project and its impact in the modern world."

-Kate Klinger (Team Member)

"Working with a dominantly female team has been really inspiring because women in the past have not had this kind of opportunity to work in a lab. I have had the opportunity to work in a lab as a young woman and I get to do it surrounded by other powerful women. I am so grateful for my team's inclusion and willingness to welcome others to the team."

-Anika Vercauteren (Student Leader)


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