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Dry Lab Report

We developed three models for our project. The first model simulates the spread of infectious plant diseases likeAsian Soybean Rust using kudzu as a vector. The second model uses Mass Action Kinetics and Michaelis-Menten Enzyme Kinetics to simulate the ROTCase production and activity under promoters with different strengths. The third model predicts the spread and management cost of kudzu in local area.


Fabiszewski, A., Umbanhowar, J., & Mitchell, C. (2010). Modeling landscape-scale pathogen spillover between domesticated and wild hosts: Asian soybean rust and kudzu. Ecological Applications, 20(2), 582-592. Retrieved June 27, 2020, from

Gaston County GIS Data

Templeton, M. D., Reinhardt, L. A., Collyer, C. A., Mitchell, R. E., & Cleland, W. W. (2005). Kinetic analysisof the l-ornithine transcarbamoylase from pseudomonas savastanoi pv. phaseolicola that is resistant to thetransition state analogue (r)-n-(n‘-sulfodiaminophosphinyl)-l-ornithine [PMID: 15766270].Biochemistry,44(11), 4408–4415.

The National Land Cover Database 2016

Kudzu Background