Team:Korea HS/Inclusion


Designing a Hyperstable Antibody with
Cell-penetrating Peptide for Intracellular Targeting


Team Composition

Within our team, we illustrate diversity in age, gender, and country of residence. First, our team consists of freshmen to senior students in high school.

Different grade levels became an obstacle in the beginning of the lab because each student differed in the depth of knowledge regarding synthetic biology. However, the active communication between the upperclassmen and underclassmen eventually brought a full understanding of the project for all team members.

We were fortunate enough to have an equal number of men and women on our team. Due to our equal gender representation, we had a wide variety of views brought from different perspectives. Lastly, although we are composed of only Korean students, we have spent our lives in different regions and countries. Students are from three different countries: South Korea, the United States, and Hong Kong SAR. Diversity even exists within the country.

For example, students who live in the United States are in Massachusetts, Michigan, Hawaii, and many other states. Due to our diversity, we were able to remove ourselves from secular views and provide the chance to meet people with different backgrounds. It was also amazing to witness all these different individuals uniting under the passion for science and iGEM.

Diversity in Data Collecting

To collect data from a diverse community, we sent our survey to people of different ages, nationalities, and education levels. The respondents ranged from ages 10 to 64, and we received responses from almost every age in between.

Our survey was also completed in 10 different countries, such as Taiwan, China, Singapore, Japan, and New Zealand, sent out to people with different preliminary biology experience. For instance, it was both completed by elementary school students and people with PhDs in biology. We believe that science is a subject that embraces all groups, which is why we focused on diversity in data collection.