Team:Korea HS/Partnership


Designing a Hyperstable Antibody with
Cell-penetrating Peptide for Intracellular Targeting


Partnership With Imperial College London

The partnership with Imperial College London started on July 10. As a part of their Outreach Program, the Imperial College team reached out to our team to review their Mathematical Modeling Package specifically designed for high school students. From this point, we had three separate meetings with the Imperial College Team regarding the discussion of both of our projects. The partnership played a crucial role in the success of both teams' projects. Our team was able to make final decisions on what type of modeling we wanted to create. In return, the Imperial College Team received valuable feedback on their mathematical modeling package.


Before each meeting, the Imperial College team provided us with the 'Mathematical modeling package' that included modeling strategies and equations. In the first half of all three meetings, they taught us the package, and we played a short game to review. In the second half of the meeting, our team gave feedback on the package. After each meeting, the team improved the package and shared their updated version with the next meeting's instructional video. Detailed feedback was given, such as adding subtitles and adding more examples on the instructional video/instructional learning packet. In return, the Imperial College team provided support on our team's modeling process through the use of graphs and coding.

Takeaways of Imperial College Team

The Imperial College team was able to receive detailed feedback on their outreach project. Since they targeted high school students, receiving feedback from this perspective helped them develop the package. Therefore throughout three sessions, the Imperial College team edited and added their educational material with constructive feedback and support. Furthermore, the Korea_HS team provided insight into where and how the material should be dispersed and stand unique from the many other educational videos on the internet.

Takeaways of Korea_HS Team

The partnership with Imperial College London played a significant role in choosing the path of modeling. Our team at first was considering about doing the protein-protein modeling of the antibody and receptor. At this stage, we were unsure of the objective of modeling. The Imperial College London team, with their superior knowledge in mathematical modeling, gave numerous suggestions on creating a simple code to predict the optimal amount of antibodies that can be used as cancer therapy. The team suggested diverse ideas, which gave our team insight into the different possibilities of modeling. Through these three sessions, our team was able to finalize the protein-protein modeling objective and what we will model. Imperial college's input on extending the Korea_HS scope of modeling benefited our team's decision making. Furthermore, the specific examples the Imperial College Team gave was creating graphs out of a hypothetical situation, which allowed our team to go beyond homology/protein modeling (modeling we did from last year) and explore mathematical modeling that can be used next year.

Figure 1. Sketch of possible idea suggestion of mathematical modeling applied to our project
Figure 2. The code written and demonstrated to our team
Figure 3. The code computed to a graph showing the way to find the optimal amount of antibody