Team:Korea HS/Notebook


Designing a Hyperstable Antibody with
Cell-penetrating Peptide for Intracellular Targeting


Whole Team

12 March 2020
Team Korea_HS created
21 March 2020
1st zoom orientation meeting
: Initial team members met for the first time. We took a look at medal criteria as a team. The professor briefly explained last year’s experiment.
4 April 2020
2nd zoom meeting
: The professor presented a detailed explanation for last year’s project. We talked about our goal for the project.
25 April 2020
3rd zoom meeting
: Last year’s Korea_HS team members (Dyanne, Sunwoo, Bruce) joined the zoom call and shared their iGEM experience. We checked changes iGEM made due to pandemic. We divided the team into three sub-teams: human practice, collaboration, and wiki. Team members chose leaders for the team.
23 May 2020
4th zoom meeting
: Each sub-team presented their goals for this competition.
13 June 2020
1st in-person meeting
: Me each other for the first time in person. Talked about last year’s experiment and what changes we are going to make this year for an improvement.
2 August 2020
2nd in-person meeting
: Took individual portraits and team pictures. Also, our student mentor Dyanne explained about last year’s experiment and gave tips and answered questions
9 August 2020
3rd in-person meeting
: Had a zoom meeting with Professor Jungwoo Choe and talked about modeling and assay. After the zoom session, each sub-team held their own meeting for an hour.
23 August 2020
4th in-person meeting
: Had team lunch and each sub-team had their own discussion for two hours.
13 September 2020
5th zoom meeting
: Finalized individual bio and chose pictures that will be to used for wiki
20 September 2020
6th zoom meeting
: Distributed parts for presentation slides rough draft and brainstormed ideas for the general theme and color of wiki
27 September 2020
7th zoom meeting
: Set plans for wiki building and created folders for each menu and tab
4 October 2020
8th zoom meeting
: Finalized the rough draft for presentation slides, and chose members to present
11 October 2020
9th zoom meeting
: Went over uncompleted informations required for wiki building, built and designed the homepage and tabs on the website
18 October 2020
10th zoom meeting
: Set plans for presentation and poster making, finalized informations used for wiki building
25 October 2020
11th zoom meeting
: Went over the design and layout for wiki, distributed parts for the Presentation Video


5 July 2020
1st Lab
: PCR amplification of insert HRas G12V and scFv(Ras)
12 July 2020
2nd Lab
: Transformation and recombination of plasmid to E.coli
19 July 2020
3rd Lab
: Purification of histidine tagged scFv(Ras) and HRas
23 July 2020
4th Lab
: SDS-PAGE of purified histidine-tagged scFv(Ras) and HRas
26 July 2020
5th Lab
: Western Blotting
30 July 2020
: Binding assay of scFv(Ras) and HRas


31 May 2020
1st collaboration team meeting
: Collaboration team members met for the first time
28 June 2020
1st meeting with UNILausanne
: Each team explained their project and wet lab plans
5 July 2020
1st meeting with DTU Denmark
: Each team explained their project and plans for public engagement
12 July 2020
1st meeting with Queen’s University
: Each team introduced their project and gave lab suggestions
18 July 2020
1st meeting with Imperial College London
: Participate in their mathematical modelling outreach, exchange about project progress
19 July 2020
1st meeting with NJU China
: Exchanged team projects and inspirations. Also, received great tips on public engagement as they told us they are writing a story for children about tumor
26 July 2020
1st iGEM mentorship meeting
: Share about our project and receive feedback on current progress with human practices work
1 August 2020
2nd iGEM mentorship meeting
: Questions prepared prior to the meeting were answered, and Mentor Saniya gave us tips on presentation with examples
2 August 2020
2nd meeting with DTU Denmark
: Exchanged tips on wiki and poster building
8 August 2020
Korea Meetup
: Team KSA_KOREA, Korea_HS, and Korea-SIS held an offline meeting. Introduced each other, explained projects, and exchanged questions.
9 August 2020
2nd meeting with Queen’s University
: Received suggestions for the cell penetration assay and binding assay
15 August 2020
2nd meeting with Imperial College London
: Learned the purpose for mathematical modeling and tips on homology modeling. Taught us that modeling should go beyond our experiment.
22 August 2020
2nd meeting with UNILausanne
: Discussed about modeling and wiki building
25 September 2020
2nd meeting with NJU China
: Discussed about WIKI guidelines and finalizing our projects.
10 October 2020
3rd Meeting with DTU Denmark
:Discussed about adding images to WIKI website and the learning experiences of IGEM2020

Human Practices

15 July 2020
Interview with CELLID Discussed lab procedures and how to solve problems we faced.
21 July 2020
Interview with GENESCO
:Discussed advantages and disadvantages of our treatment
5 August 2020
Interview with ORUMRX Discussed real life applications and affected population from our research
10 August 2020
First survey sent out to raise awareness for our project
13 September 2020
Jina entered the KSCY
: The KSCY competition became a platform to share our project with other ambitious students and college professors. Due to the coronavirus, the seminar took place online.
22 September 2020
Pamphlet created by Yoonyee and Melissa with information on our project and antibody therapeutics.
24 September 2020
Schoolwide presentation about our project and what it is, and its potential implications and importance on the students.
29 September 2020
Pamphlet distribution by Yeonjo, informing her peers about the project and its goals, and inquiring their existing knowledge in antibody therapeutics.
03 October 2020
Pamphlet distributed around the school by Melissa to 9th graders, to inform them of our project.
16 October 2020
Second survey sent out, inquiring them about their previous knowledge in antibody related therapeutics, and their perceived dangers of these therapeutics.