Team:Korea HS/Safety


Designing a Hyperstable Antibody with
Cell-penetrating Peptide for Intracellular Targeting



Before we entered the lab, a temperature check was required. Every member’s temperature and visit date had been recorded. Masks were worn at all times, both inside and outside of the lab. All masks were thrown away after a single use. Furthermore, we washed our hands frequently to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The purpose of our experiment was to design a hyperstable antibody (scFv) that can penetrate through the cell by attaching a cell-penetrating peptide. E. coli was used to overexpress scFv and Ras proteins. Our project remained at an experimental stage without any human experimentation, the disposal of every chemical followed government guidelines. Also, the human practice surveys followed the ethical and responsible research guidelines, and the responses were submitted with the participants' consent. The video Consent and Release Form was completed by all minorities in our team.

Specific materials including potential risks:
E. coli K12, bacteria, purchased, very low risks to humans and environment (completely nonpathogenic chassis)
HEK 293T, human cell line, from lab, very low risks to humans and environment


All team members received training on how to use lab equipment properly and how to respond to possible emergencies. 10 Lab Safety Rules listed below were strictly followed. The only dangerous chemical used in the lab was ethidium bromide, and we took extra caution when dealing with this chemical.

10 Lab Safety Rules

1. Wear protective gear including safety goggles and gloves
2. Never eat or drink in the laboratory
3. Never taste or breathe in chemicals directly
4. Properly dispose lab waste
5. Be fully aware of the building’s evacuation procedures
6. Know where the lab’s safety equipment is located, including fire extinguishers, safety showers, and first aid kits
7. Work in properly ventilated areas
8. Be approved or trained by the supervisor of all equipment before first use
9. Never leave an ongoing experiment unattended
10. Never put unused chemicals back into the original container