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Designing a Hyperstable Antibody with
Cell-penetrating Peptide for Intracellular Targeting



Hi everyone!

We are Team Korea HS. Our team has 14 passionate high school students living in the United States, South Korea, and Hong Kong. Even though each of us is from different places, iGEM brought us together! We are all eager to learn about synthetic biology and successfully develop our project. This year was so much fun, and we made so many worldwide connections due to iGEM. We are glad that we’ve got to see many inspiring projects and also inspire many people within our community! Team Members >

Team Members

Ji Soo Hwang

Team Leader

Hi everyone! I am Ji Soo (you can pronounce it G Su). I am a senior at Williston Northampton School. I am honored to receive an opportunity to serve as a team leader. I have participated in competitions before iGEM, but iGEM provided me with an experience, unlike any others. Working with many talented young scholars has given me a broader perspective. Outside of biology, I love watching baseball! I am an avid Boston Red Sox Fan. Boston feels like my second home. Unfortunately, the Giant Jamboree is not held in Boston due to the pandemic, but I am still grateful for the Virtual Giant Jamboree.

Jina Bae

Team Co-Leader / Collaboration Team Member

Hello! I am Jina Bae, currently a Sophomore attending Chadwick International, located in South Korea. It is my pleasure to participate in this amazing competition for the first time and serve the team as the team C0-leader. Preparing for iGEM 2020 was like riding a rollercoaster - the thrill, the excitement, the stress (sometimes). Collaborating with more than six different university teams across six different countries was an enlightening experience. As an academic superior, they provided us with excellent in-depth science-related knowledge and gave us support and encouragement like no other. Amidst the pandemic, iGEM presented a platform to utilize advanced communication technology and grow as a person, a leader, a student, and a teammate. As my love for synthetic biology grew by leaps and bounds, I question where this path of never-ending academic passion will lead me in the future!

Dokwon Lee

Experiment Leader

Hello! My name is Dokwon Lee, and I am currently a senior attending Korea Kent Foreign School. As it was my second year participating in iGEM, I provided my human practices, collaboration, and wiki team with more insight into how the competition works as a whole. Something different from last year, though, was with the COVID-19 crisis, many teams had a very rocky start. However, it was such a valuable experience to see our team members come together, set aside our differences, and work towards a common goal. Looking back, I think my years in iGEM opened my eyes to the world of genetic engineering and molecular biology. I am confident that my work here in Korea_HS will forever inspire me to work harder towards my future dreams.

Yoonyee Song

Collaboration Team Leader / Wiki Team Co-Leader

Hi Everyone! I am Yoonyee Song, a junior at Lansing Catholic High School in Michigan. Even though it was my first year participating in iGEM, I learned a lot by including myself in various projects. There were challenging moments both for our team and myself. Some of those were overwhelming, and it required a lot of time commitment. However, now I am very proud to show how much we’ve accomplished and how much I grew up as a person. As a collaboration team leader, it was impressive how we could make so many international connections with people full of enthusiasm and share stories with them under one common denominator, synthetic biology. Also, the creation of the promotional video and presentation video allowed me to develop better video editing and drawing skills. Thank you so much iGEM, for providing this unforgettable experience, allowing me to improve academically, artistically, and socially. I cannot imagine myself anymore without iGEM 2020!

Atena Mori

Collaboration Team Co-leader

Hi everyone :) My name is Atena Mori, and I am a sophomore at ‘Iolani School in Hawaii. This year, I worked as the co-leader in our collaboration team. As my first year participating in iGEM, I experienced great growth as a person and biologist by working with those in and outside our team, despite our complications. I enjoyed discussing our topics with other teams, and I feel that the connection created between students around the world with biology is truly what sets apart iGEM from other competitions. Although I was excited about our in-person competition in Boston, I am still very grateful to accommodate it with online competition. Thank you, iGEM, for this unforgettable experience.

Dohoon Kim

Collaboration Team Member

Hi! My name is Do Hoon Kim, and I am currently a senior at Northfield Mount Hermon school. I have been working as a member of the collaboration team this year. Although this is my first year participating in a synthetic bioengineering contest, I have learned and personally grown a lot through the process with my teammates. I loved collaborating with other scholars from all around the world to improve projects that will help make the world a better place. It would have been better if the contest was held in Boston, but I still appreciate the opportunity to present our project online. iGEM was a totally valuable experience that provided me with skills that I can apply in my future research.

Daniel Lee

Collaboration Team Member

My name is Daniel, and I attend Cate school in California as a sophomore. It is my first time joining a competition regarding biology. Biology is something I enjoy studying, so this experience helped me broaden my fondness for the subject. I worked in the collaboration team with a few other members. During the process, I learned things that helped me grow intellectually and grow as a person. It allowed me to be more patient when in the lab and view concepts in a deeper manner. I hope our team can finish the rest of the competition strong.

Jonathan Lee

Human Practice Team Leader

Hi, my name is Jonathan Lee. I am currently attending Harrow International School Hong Kong, and I’m in 11th grade. I have been honored with the opportunity to take on the role of the Human Practices team leader. Although it is just my first year participating in iGEM, I’ve learned a ton about leadership, organization, and teams. My research also further developed my interest in molecular and synthetic biology. It is a shame that the competition is taking place remotely, however, I am looking forward to participating in next year’s iGEM competition as well, hopefully in Boston.

Melissa Kim

Human Practice Team Co-leader

Hello, I am Melissa Kim, and I am currently attending Seoul International School as a 9th grader (I’m the youngest member of the team). I am taking on the role of Human Practice co-leader this year. Although this is my first time participating in iGEM, I have improved my leadership skills and learned more about biology in great depth! I have been interested in biology ever since I was a child, and I was given the opportunity to join iGEM along with other members that have been very helpful. Although we cannot compete in person, I hope that our competition can be as productive as past competitions.

Yeonjo Jung

Human Practice Team Member

Greetings! My name is Yeonjo Jung, an 11th grader at Cheongshim International Academy. If I briefly introduce myself, I am a skateboarder and dog lover, but most of all, I love biology. As such, I am focusing primarily on biology at school. For my most recent research experiment, I have examined the indoor mold Aspergillus niger in an attempt to extract an anticancer agent from its protein. With the potential to help millions of people globally while maintaining the environment, Aspergillus niger research offers nearly boundless potential for future developments, and this is why I want to contribute to future breakthroughs and developments in the field. To help me reach this dream, I joined the Human Practice team. As a part of the team, I interviewed professors and researchers who provided me with valuable insight into methods for identifying problems in our research and devising solutions. The Human Practice team also required me to deliver our team’s message to those who do not have scientific backgrounds, requiring me to learn how to explain complex scientific ideas in layman’s terms. I am also thankful that my work with the team has given me the chance to develop new skills, such as designing and using apps. Overall, I am hugely appreciative of IGEM for affording me this opportunity to enhance my skills and further my interest in biology.

Yeoungseo Yun

Human Practice Team Member

Hello! I’m Youngseo Yun, and I’m a sophomore attending Korean Minjok Leadership Academy. I’ve been interested in biology since my first year of high school and still hold this curiosity. It’s such a great pleasure to participate in iGEM because it has allowed me to conduct in-depth biology research and collaborate with teammates with various backgrounds. I have learned lots of communication skills beneficial for life. Especially since biology is one of the most important fields to improve human lives, I joined the Human Practice team and focused on how our team’s progress could be implemented in society. I am so grateful to join the iGEM 2020. We have made huge progress on the project, and I hope all of my team members get what they deserve.

Beomseok Kim

Human Practice Team Member

Hello! I’m Beomseok Kim, and I attend Ripon Christian School. In the Human Practice team, we were able to ask questions and take guidance from different professors and entrepreneurs. I’m very grateful for the iGEM competition, which gave me a fresh perspective on genetics. The lab experience with the team was a great opportunity to understand the fundamentals of molecular biology. It’s been a valuable time getting interested in this field.

Paul Shin

Human Practice Team Member

Hi, my name is Paul Shin. I currently attend The Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT, and I am in my junior year. This will be my first year ever attending the iGEM competition, and I have joined the Human Practice team. I have learned a lot from all of the experiments, interviews, and polls we have done throughout our team project. The things I have learned from the research that I have done over the past few months have really doubled down on pursuing the field of molecular biology.

Harry Lee

Wiki Team Leader

Hi, my name is Harry, and I am from South Korea. I currently attend Pomfret School as a Junior. Although it is my first year participating in the iGEM, I am glad to be the wiki team leader. I am very excited to participate in the iGEM as it is my first time participating in a bioengineering competition, let alone the fact that iGEM is a huge scale event that people from all over the world from all sorts of age groups get to participate in. Although it is unfortunate we are unable to meet all together in Boston in October physically, I’m still looking forward to what kind of an event IGEM will be and see what other participants have as their experiments!


Professor Jungwoo Choe

Primary PI

Jungwoo Choe is a professor at the department of Life sciences at the University of Seoul. He majored in biochemical studies of proteins using X-ray crystallography. Dr. Choe helped iGem team Korea_HS with their laboratory experiments.

Sunho Hong


Sunho Hong was our instructor, and he had assisted in all of our lab experiments. He supervised us for safety, and trained us on the usages of lab equipment. Furthermore, he helped us guide our project by providing possible solutions when we faced challenges.

Dyanne Ahn

Project Advisor

Dyanne Ahn was the team leader of Korea HS Team in iGEM 2019. From her experiences, she has provided us great advice on the general process of iGEM Competition and how to bring out the best results. Due to her help, our team was able to organize much faster and accomplish all criterias.