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Pheromone revolution: mating pathway-based promoter engineering
Cell fusion is a fundamental biological process required for the entire development of most eukaryotic organisms, from fertilization to organogenesis. Pheromone-mediated mating in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae provides a genetically accessible model system to investigate cell-cell fusion. However, the high price of pheromone limits the development of related research. In our project, we constructed mutants to reshape signaling pathway, trying to build a chassis that responds to cheaper inducers. We characterized the intensity of three mostly pheromone responsive promoters, pfus2, pprm1, and pfig1. We innovatively evaluated the efficiency of these promoters(natural and synthetic) with pheromone responsive elements (PRE)of various copy numbersand directions.Our results expand the promoter toolbox to finely tune gene expression levels for efficient cell factories and biosensors.