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Secondary PI

I'm Yuxin Huang. It's my great honor to be this year's advisor. NJTech_China, fighting!
Ran Lu is a senior at Nanjing Tech University. He has a keen interest in synthetic biology. He participated in wet-lab experiments in 2019 and served as Advisor in 2020.
I'm so glad to be an advisor and I really learned a lot through this process.

Yujiao Wang Age 21, Under graduates in Biological Engineering 3rd year Yujiao Wang has always been interested in biology. She gained much of her wet lab experience during iGEM. In her spare time, she likes to play basketball, make coffee, and read fiction novels.
Yongyan Zhi is a junior at Nanjing Tech University. She gained much of her wet-lab experience during iGEM. She likes to grow plants, travel around, and read science fictions. In her free time, she likes to explore the cuisines from all over China.
Hi, I am a rookie in the laboratory and like synthetic biology, but I still need to work hard to learn from the big guys.
Hello, everyone. My name is Wang Zilu. I am a junior student majoring in pharmaceutical engineering. Attending iGEM is a very valuable experience and I have learned a lot here!
I'm Zhang Yiqing, a sophomore student of Nanjing Tech University. I'm the youngest in our team and I feel very honored to have the opportunity to be one of our team.

My name is Li Hao. I come from the College of Mathematical Science, Nanjing Tech University. I like mathematics and algorithms, like mathematical modeling, and am good at operation and optimization.
I'm a member of modeling group, mainly responsible for the neural network modeling of yeast cell promoter sequence and strength. I enjoy the process to study molecular biology and accomplish common goals with parters' collaboration.
I'm Yinghao Chen,from Nanjing Tech University, majoring in bioengineering. I am responsible for the modeling part. I enjoy dealing with biology problems through mathematical modeling, and hope to learn more about mathematical modeling in the future.

My name is Jiacheng Li. I major in Biology Engineering, and I am interested in Synthetic Biology. This year, I am responsible for the part of Human Practices, and it’s great for me to learn so much about Biology.
Hello,I'm Huilan Wu.
My motto is never give up an opportunity to improve myself. I like to do some challenging things to improve myself,for example, taking part in the igem competition.
Hello everyone, my name is Zeng Jie. I am a sophomore majoring in Electrical Engineering. Participating in iGEM is an extraordinary experience for me. It’s great to learn so much about Biology.
Hello everyone, my name is Dai Yan Wenqing and my English name is ALEXIA. I majored in Pharmaceutical Engineering in overseas Education College. This is my first time to participate in the iGEM competition, please give me more advice!
Hello! I'm Shenghua Tang, an undergraduate majoring in chemistry engineering from Nanjing Tech university. It’s fantastic to take part in iGEM. I not only have learned a lot knowledge but have a group of friends during these months.
Hello,I'm Xuebin Liu. I'm in charge of team art and poster design. Through participating in iGEM, I learned a lot of professional knowledge and made friends.
Hi! My name is Henghao Shan. I am a sophomore from Nanjing. I love science and I am willing to communicate with others. I always hold a belief that constant dropping wears the stone. So I will keep working hard.
Hello everyone, my name is Siyi Zheng. Responsible for wiki's coding. It's my great honor to participate in the iGEM competition. This will be an unforgettable experience.
Yicheng Lu is a junior at NJTU pursuing a degree in Bioengineering. Outside the lab, he is interested in music, food, and movies. This special summer, Luparticipated in wetlab experiments, virtual and offline meetings, and organizing the wiki.