Team:NJTech China/Education

Science Communication

(1) How did you determine the type of materials you produced?
(2) Who is your target audience and how will your materials be used by that audience?
(3) How will your materials encourage an open dialogue with your audience?
(4) How did you make your materials accessible to a wider audience?

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic, most of our activities were carried out online. Our team has a WeChat Official Account and bilibili account. In the previous season, we used them to promote our project and popularize science knowledge, which proved to be efficient. Therefore, this year we continued to use these platforms for our scientific communication related work. In the later stage of the project, as the epidemic situation in our area was reduced, we tried to carry out some offline activities to enhance communication with our target audience.

1. Released articles in synthetic biology on WeChat Official Account

The COVID-19 epidemic caused the delay of the new term. In the long vacation, without the company of friends and colorful courses, did you feel bored and lonely? The iGEM team of Nanjing Tech University launched an online synthetic biology small class on the Official Account of WeChat. Light up your holiday life with synthetic biology!

2. Published an article on bilibili platform

bilibili is a video barrage website that enjoys great popularity among all children and adults in China. In order to summarize the background of our project, we set up a special section on the platform to promote the mechanism of yeast mating. After the public discussing in the comment area under our sections and video, we actively responded to them and answered their questions in time.

3. Promote epidemic prevention knowledge with foreign students of our school

This year's COVID-19 epidemic has had severe impact on people all around the world. As a result, foreign students in our school cannot return to class. We communicated online with one of them to learn about epidemic prevention and control together, and cooperated with each other to produce a poster on the theme to promote related knowledge in her country.

4. Held a lecture on synthetic biology at local government of Liren Town, Suqian, Jiangsu province

During the summer vocation, one of our team members organized a lecture in his hometown with the help of the town government. Through this lecture, we introduced synthetic biology to the local primary and middle school students and stimulated their interest in synthetic biology.

5. Held a lecture on synthetic biology at Nanjing Tech University

In October, as the epidemic situation in our area was reduced, we held an offline lecture to promote synthetic biology, including a brief introduction of the advancement of synthetic biology and some interesting research results. In addition, the iGEM competition was promoted, hoping that more friends will join us in the coming year. To our surprise, we received many applications from students of different majors and grades.

6. Participated in the 6th Jiangsu Public Welfare Science Competition

Compared to literal materials, comics are a more acceptable form of expression, especially for teenagers, which is our target audience. We participated in this competition to promote the knowledge of yeast fusion to the public in the form of comics.