Team:NJTech China/Awards

Made two new Parts that improves the function of an existing Part.

No. Name Type Description Length
1 BBa_K3384136 Cmoposite pprm1 Pro-GFP-CYC1 terminator 1394
2 BBa_K3384137 Cmoposite pprm1 Ultra-GFP-CYC1 terminator 1428
3 BBa_K3384313 Regulatory pprm1 Pro 473
4 BBa_K3384314 Regulatory pprm1 Ultra 507

modeling to gain insight into how our project works or should be implemented.

Demonstrated how our team responded to our human practices reflections, research, and engagement.

Develop and implement science communication, education, and outreach materials related to synthetic biology.

Demonstrated engineering success in multiaspect of our project.

Designed new Parts that are related to our project works as expected.

No. Name Type Description Length
1 BBa_K3384131 Composite pprm1-GFP-CYC1 terminator 1412
2 BBa_K3384132 Composite pfig1-GFP-CYC1 terminator 1907
3 BBa_K3384133 Composite pfus2-GFP-CYC1 terminator 1252
4 BBa_K3384311 Terminator CYC1 terminator 190
5 BBa_K3384312 Regulatory pfus2 331
6 BBa_K3384315 Coding ste5ΔN-CTM 2208

Collaborated with other iGEM teams(NEU_CHINA, BNU_China,NJU_China, University of Rochester, NAU_CHINA and Jiangnan_China).

Did Human Practices and thought carefully and creatively about how our work is determined responsible and good for the world.

Explained how we would implement our project in the real world.

Completed our wiki, poster, presentation video, project promotion video and judging form.

Duly documented the Attribution.

Present the project inspiration and description.

Made a useful contribution for future iGEM teams.

Added quantitative experimental characterization data to existing Parts from the Registry of Standard Biological Parts(BBa_K1033916 BBa_K592012)