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During the brainstorming phase of the project, we interviewed two local dairy farmers, who inspired us to create a genotyping system to detect the A1 and A2 CSN2 alleles. From the moment that we conceptualized this project, we knew that our genotyping system would have to be engineered for on-site testing. We incorporated this specification into all aspects of our project.

Two clear examples of engineering success in our project are:

  1. Development and optimization of the RPA

    • We designed many primers for the RPA, and then tested those primers in silico to ensure they meet standard RPA primer specifications for functionality.
    • We selected the most promising prototypes and tested their function in the RPA assay in different combinations.
    • We selected the best performing primer pairs, and performed RPA reaction optimization using those primers.

      For more details, see our RPA Page
  2. Building and testing of the heat block

    • We built and tested a prototype for a DIY heat block.
    • We distributed kits to untrained users, as part of the Go STEM summer camp. These users built and tested our heat block in an uncontrolled setting.
    • We identified refinements to our design that should be implemented to improve functionality

      For more details, see our Implementation Page