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During the whole course of the research project, Liu Yang took responsibility for some tasks about human practice. To be more specific participated in the competence of business plan, organized the collaboration with Naptuner and Rephos, conducted some experiments on the construction of plasmids and also designed the promotion video.


As a member of GalAcid's dry team, Zhang Jiaqi participated in the preparation of wikis and business plans at the event, which included potential market analysis and interview records, as well as editing the interview video and event presentation video, as well as captioning the video. It is a pleasure plan and the activities to promote the safe of goods.


As part of the team, Feng Lingyu participated in the creation of the GalAcid team of WeChat public official account and Bilibili, and made typesetting and editing of videos. He also participated in interviews with well-known engineering professors.


As a teammate on the GalAcid team, Zicheng Ni was responsible for procurement and sales. He customized the team's peripheral products for his team. He actively contacted businesses and strives to buy the best products at the lowest cost. When the product arrived, he opened an online store for their team. He also sells the team's products to other people—finally, he brought more money to their tea


During my work, QinYu was a member of the GalAcid team, mainly responsible for completing the Business Plan. QinYu mainly completed Prospect of Health care product industry, survey on pregnant women, analysis of children's medicine market, and sales channels. At the same time, QinYu finished the production of a tweet, from copywriting to typesetting, and gained a lot of experience. There are also some offline publicity, to the crowd more places to carry out research.


As a member of GalAcid, the main team of IGEM competition this year, Zhide Zhang has not only gained a lot of valuable experience, but also contributed to the team. First of all, he participated in and designed the logo of our team and the surrounding products. Secondly, he participated in the design of brochures and posters, and helped to find out where to contact the stalls. Finally, he is also the editor of our team's business plan. This IGEM competition has brought me great harvest.


As one of the dry team members, Yihang Zhao is in charge of the project's description and advantage, introduce galatesomeia's background knowledge to others, let common people have a basic understanding to this disease. He will also show there is a new treatment for this disease.


GangWang was involved in the peripheral parts of BP and wiki and was responsible for the production of the team brochures and questionnaires. He participated in the activities of the offline stall setting publicity team as well as the design of interview questions.


As a member of the GalAcid team, Wei Yujun wrote the topic introduction on the wiki, interviews with pediatric experts, collaboration with the NapTuner IGEM team, and promotion online. She also wrote the composition and motivation of Bussiness Plan's consumers longing for healthy beverage. In addition to these, Wei Yujun participated in the writing of the push of the WeChat official account and the promotion of the push and survey questionnaire.


During the project Ivan luo have done so much work through purchase the product, oversee the income and paying ,he Organize the collaboration with another IGEM team such as collect the questions, contact with another team and all of the preparation. Then he design the wiki' structure ,and explain to his team members, make sure the wiki would not get in trouble. he also working on the wiki's summary and collaboration Part, he have done all things very well and he can manage his team members very well.


Austin Lin is the team leader for the experiment team. He was the main contributor to most of the experiments and in charge of the procedures. He was also in charge of the completion of the wiki and the assignment of roles within the team. He made numerous videos for the team members who were in quarantine to help them catch up with the progress. He was also one of the main presenters during the live stream presentation.


Throughout the research project, Jeffery assisted in completing all the experiments and was mainly responsible for the final data of the results and the writing of the result part in the wiki. At the same time, he was also responsible for regular summary meetings during the experiment to help online and local participants understand the progress of the experiment. Jeffery was also responsible for recording the process and results of the experiment.


In the course of the research project, Cheng Shujun was responsible for carrying out experiments and helped manage the online publication of the labwork process on the team's social media accounts. And she cooperated with teammates to work on the construction of the project wiki page. In addition, she conducted interviews and participated in the investigation of how well the public knows about genetic diseases and galactosemia.


Throughout the whole course of the research project, Sun Weichen assisted in some of the experiments as well as writing part of wiki. To be more specific participated in the competence of funding plasmid 1&2 and recording various data (including pictures and procedures) during offline participation. In addition, Sun was also responsible for the experiment, process, future plan, and reference parts in the wiki by online discussion. He was also in charge of the introduction of plasmid 3&4 during the live presentation.


During the whole course of the research project, Deng Wenxin took responsibility for some tasks about experiments and wikis. Collaborating with the team, she participated in conducting experiments, including constructing plasmids and extracting target genes, and gave an overview of the project in the team presentation. She also wrote about the experimental process of constructing a specific plasmid needed in the project.


During the whole experiment, Yu XinYan participated in the plasmid construction of plasmid 1,2,3 and 4. She was involved in plasmid extraction, electrophoresis, preparing the culture medium, gel extraction, and the fermentation process. Also, she helped in producing the presentation PowerPoint and participated in the team presentation.


During the whole course of the research project, Miao Junwen took an active part in experiments on the construction of the plasmids and attended the live Internet broadcast to show some process of the whole experiment. Also, she wrote part of the wiki about Experiment A.


During the whole project, Jiaying Zheng watched videos of the experiment while studying in the United States. To be more involved in the competence of the business plan, she followed up with the experiment every day and helped to work with wiki website, and wrote the safety part with another student.


Throughout the experiment, Kathy participated in the team's experiments on building and testing plasmids. In the later promotional film, Kathy drew cartoon animation for the team to help present our experiments.


Throughout the research project, Tianze Qiu was mainly in charge of some experimental work. To speak specifically, he worked on the construction of plasmids, prepared the culture medium, cultured the bacteria, performed enzyme cutting, and measured the consumption of galactose. He also wrote a part of Wiki. Besides, he gave some suggestions about the popularization of the experiment, provided some ideas about what questions to ask the experts, and participated in the collaboration and communication with the iGEM team NapTuner and phosFate. Additionally, he participated in the judging session and poster session as a speaker.


Academic Consultants

Prof. Xiao, China Pharmaceutical University

Prof. Zhang, Shanghai Institute of Biological Science

Prof. Han, Wuhan Polytechnic University

       Academic support in biological science and project improvement

Prof. Chu, Fudan University

       Academic support in Social science and business

Primary Investigator

Ke Zhu

       Project brainstorming, overall supervision of the team


Dr. Cuicui Liu

Ms. Yangyang Kong

       Wet group planning, experiments guidance and results analysis support

Mr. Xin Lu 

       Dry Group planning and instructions


Supporting Organizations

Shanghai Xuhui Siqiao Science & Technology Research Center


Science and Technology CommissionXuhuiShanghai


Shanghai Xuhui Kangjian Community


Shanghai Xuhui Central Hospital



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