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We did experiments guided by a doctor in biological sciences who is familiar with experimental procedures and safety.


Before entering the laboratory, the instructor gave us a detailed laboratory safety education. From the aspects of personal safety, drug and reagent safety, instrument and equipment safety, operational safety. He taught us how to conduct correct and standardized experimental operations, and set examples about how to deal with accidents.


Whenever we do experiments, we must wear protective clothing, wear latex gloves, wear a mask, and sometimes wear goggles to protect our own personal safety. More importantly, we can't eat and drink in the laboratory. It is best to put our school bags and other items in the lockers.


For the safety of medicines and reagents, we must store and use them in strict accordance to the product instructions, after use, put it back in time. If it is accidentally spilled on the test bench, we must clean it up in time. Because some acid-base corrosive and even toxic reagents are sometimes used in the process of biochemical experiments. Ethidium bromide (EB)is the most commonly used nucleic acid dye, but it is also a dangerous carcinogen. Therefore, we used another type of nucleic acid dye that does no harm to human bodies during the process of agar gel electrophoresis. The disposable gloves outside the latex glove were discarded as soon as we finished using the dye.


Garbage sorting is carried out since last year in Shanghai, so we executed strictly as the rules. All the discarded tips, reagents, mediums, and solutions were sort into special waste tanks and trash bins to avoid chemical or biological pollution.


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