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非模块化方式使用layui Entprenuership




Integrated Human Practices



During the experiment or advertising period, we found some problems and used human practice activities to help us with the process. We have reached some experts and expected that these professors and commercial leaders could provide some practical and useful experience or advice. After we contacted these professors and commercial leaders, we had a better understanding our the project and use the advice to re-apply to our studies.



We interviewed Dr. Li Aifang, chief pediatrician of Hebei Yangyuan People's Hospital, who answered some professional questions about galactosemia in detail, such as the current treatment methods in China, whether gene screening can use and whether pregnant women can prevent in advance. At the same time, Dr. Li also put forward many pertinent Suggestions on our products, such as suggesting that our products are made into health drinks or oral liquids. In the end, Dr. Li showed that there was no cure for current domestic treatment methods, and he hoped that in the future, we could develop an engineered bacterium to help treat galactosemia.


On August 17, members of Galacid's cadre team interviewed Dr. Zhang Liang. He answered professional questions about galactosemia for us. Let's learn more about it. This survey is mainly about the treatment plan for galactosemia. According to the answers of experts, we first understand that the treatment method should give priority to the damage to patients, and then consider the treatment effect. At this stage, we will consider adding engineered intestinal bacteria to dairy products, so that galactosemia patients can eat dairy products. Dr. Zhang also said that although this method is feasible, it is extremely strict in quantity. Too much will lead to mildew, and too little will lead to insufficient efficacy. Regarding the limitations of this project, Dr. Zhang said that we need to investigate the effects and values of some components ourselves to achieve the most appropriate effect.             


Public Engagement

Public engagement is working for us and help local people to understand these problems. We could get so much useful information for our product, like how many people want the product to appear, the price they can afford, and which form they like best, such as juice and medicine. After we put the questionnaire online, we collect so much information that important to our product.



We designed a questionnaire to know more about the public’s awareness of it. According to our research, among all 440 respondents, about 90% of respondents never heard of such disease or heard but know nothing about it.


And about 50% of respondents are willing to pay from RMB50-1000 to buy products that will cure the disease, and most of the people prefer medicine is some kind of oral drugs or oral drinks.


To sum up, our survey results gave us a strong signal that although the communities are not aware of the disease or the cause behind it, it would consider invest to neutralize the potential threat and would prefer something that is for daily use or treats. The result gives us direction for later experiments and gives us inspirations in making a business plan for this potential product.


Online Promotion

While the wet team is focusing on doing the excitement, the dry team is also trying to raise awareness in the local community. As a result, we have created official accounts of our GalAcid team on social networking sites such as Bilibili, YouTube, MicroBlog, and Tik Tok, and published articles and videos about galactosemia on the accounts. This not only records our research progress but also publicizes our subject, allowing more people to know and understand galactosemia in an interesting way. We also go to public space like mall or restaurant to raise peoples awareness about galactosemia.



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