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Galactosemia is a hereditary disease characterized by abnormal galactose metabolism. Most of them are caused by the deficiency of galactose 1-phosphate uridase, which causes the deposition of galactose 1-phosphate and galactitol. The incidence of the disease in infants is approximately 1 in 80000, and so it is a high incidence of genetic metabolic disease. Under such a background, we consider that our concept of designing an engineered probiotic to transform galactose into buytric acid would be feasible. We hope to implement our concept to help more and more galactosemia patients with alleviate their pain and sufferings. Our potential end users are very clear: infants who suffer from galactosemia. However, since they do not make the decision to choose what kind of products they should buy, the de facto decision makers should be their parents or guardians. Considering this, way have such a primary inference: our future product should target infants and convince their parents or guardians.   On the basis of that, we have decided to portray our products in the following forms: lactic acid beverage with different tastes, lactic acid bacteria powder, buccal tablets in different shapes, or lactobacillus capsules. At the same time, we have also determined to design a set of instruction tools (video, interactive posters, brochures) to clearly and logically demonstrate the function and safety of our future products. To move forward with our project, it is necessary for us to make a comprehensive research plan and commercialization solutions. Regarding the comprehensive research plan, we will discuss it with our project instructors about how to optimize our current experiment results. Meanwhile, we will do further literature research, expert interview with both professors and industry experts to gradually enhance the academic rigor, safety and credibility of our project. Regarding the commercialization solutions. We must find trustworthy and experienced partners to move forward with it. We wish that we should find a health supplement producer, who is willing to collaborate with us in putting our conceptual products into practice. Meanwhile, an experienced health supplement producer knows how to interact with administration authorities and have sufficient fund to support new product development. All of these will be very beneficial to the implementation of our concept on making engineered probiotic to fight against galactosemia.  


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