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This summer, we collaborated with RePhos, they are working on the adaption and invention of phosphate solubilizing bacteria, they plan to change a part of gene of phosphate solubilizing bacteria, it allows these bacteria could release more phosphate and live around the water-live plant.


In the beginning, we share some experiment methods, such as how to determine the bacteria we choose can pull the job that we expected. Our team was devoted ourselves to E.coli which lives in the human body, while Rephos was working on a kind of bacteria live on earth.


Then, we would like to know more about each other, trying to find more connections between us. So we asked each other in rotation. The questions are based on each others bacteria, such as how these bacteria work, why we design these bacteria in that shape, how did these bacteria help human. During this section, we learned different bacteria’s features and different ways to help human health.


In the end, we discussed some methods of fund-raising, such as how to find and attract sponsors. We shared our experience, and we found out that the most important thing in attracting more potential customers/sponsors/audience is being proactive. Finding more fishes in the pool is better than trying to approach one big fish, especially in a limited time of period. We believe the experience will also help us in our future research!


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