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Poon Chun Kin Kingsley

-As both the leader of “The Filters” and one of the members working in the laboratory, Kingsley is responsible for summarizing and reviewing lab notes and dividing work amongst fellow team members. He also negotiates ideas between students working in the lab and students working on the online wiki to maintain efficiency, helping to exchange information, and keeping up with deadlines. On the other hand, in the laboratory, he actively participates in gel electrophoresis experiments, inputting mixtures loaded with DNA marker.


ZhiDa Wang Getty

-Getty is mainly responsible for conducting mathematical modeling in the group, participating in experiments related to the amplification of DNA and the purification of proteins. Furthermore, in the laboratory, Getty uses the PCR device and other instruments to advance the progress of the experiment. After obtaining experimental results, he will conduct modeling to prove the feasibility and rigor of our experiment. In addition to mathematical modeling, he also uses Matlab and other mathematical software to fit and interpolate our experimental data to simplify our experimental data. Last but not least, he will use a variety of methods to predict future data.


WeiHao Wang Isaac

-As one of the participants of the team, Isaac took part in most of the experiments. He listens to the supervisor and the procedure of the experiment extremely carefully, taking necessary notes. Thus, he ensures that the experiment is conducted smoothly and without errors. He collaborates with teammates and is also good at communicating with others. He finishes his tasks with high efficiency, taking notes when new knowledge is imparted.


SiYuan Yi Steven

-As a member of the laboratory team, Steven participated in most of the lab work throughout the project, including plasmid construction, transformation of competent cells, and protein purification. In particular, he recorded the protocol, the process of the experiment, and procedures of key methods such as gel electrophoresis and PCR to help the team construct its wiki.


XinYi Yu Bella

-As one of the team members, Bella took charge of recording and integrating daily notes as well as scrupulously participated in the experimental process. At the same time, she was also very active in team discussions and was able to give a lot of helpful suggestions.


ShiJia Sun Kevin

-As the leader of the experiment, Kevin is responsible for helping all the teammates to gain a better comprehension of our everyday experiment and scrutinizing through teammates’ lab notes to give correction. He also receives instructions from the head leader and assigns tasks to each of the members of the team in order to provide the necessary material for online wiki writing. In the lab, he is actively involved in different experimental procedures, such as diluting primers for the PCR solutions, making culture medium for bacterial culture. In the meantime, he summarizes essential information after studying research papers related to our topic.


LingYue Zhang Lynn

-As a dedicated member of the team, Lynn spent most of the time helping with the experiments. She had learned many experimenting skills through the project, and she was always willing to contribute in experiments. Besides, Lynn worked hard by recording every step her team had done while experimenting. It made not only her but also her teammates more convenient to review and do research after lab work. As Lynn is proficient in drawing, Lynn helped other teammates think about ideas and drew sketches for the team poster. She also devoted herself to sketching graphs of the experimenting process. Lynn was an earnest and obedient teammate.


Haoran Lin

-Haoran Lin is responsible for survey analysis as well as writing reports on all of our group meetings. When interviewing with experts, he also helped to record their answers into a word document. In terms of wiki, he leads Yue Yu and Haohan Zhang to complete the integrated human practice part. Moreover, he was the host for our lecture at Xuhui’s health center, and also contributed to the macroenvironment part of our business plan.


Yue Yu

-Yue Yu is responsible for composing WeChat articles as well as conducting several expert interviews online. In terms of wiki, along with Lin Haoran and Zhang Haohan, the three of them wrote everything about the integrated human practice part. She has also been in part in writing the business plan, including economic environment and technical factors. Moreover, she engaged in completing the PowerPoint slides and team presentations.


Yidan Zhang

-Yidan Zhang is in charge of design the layout of the Home of Wiki and writes the execution part of the business plan. She is also responsible for shooting promotional videos and making video clips. She made an online crowdfunding campaign and raised a lot of money for our team. She takes charge of managing the WeChat group of customers, launching group regulation, and campaigns to get customers actively involved in our presentations.


Xihe Yu

-As the leader of the dry team, Xihe took most of the administrative work such as allocating duties to team members, helping others' work, or arranging collaborations with other teams. She was also responsible for communicating between her team members and the lab team. She contributed to the editing of wiki and business plans, the publicity of the scientific research, and the accomplishment of team video and team presentation. Meanwhile, she engaged in the design of the team logo and related merchandising products.


Helen Huang contributed to the biology laboratory work, and also participated in the design of the Wiki website, including designing the home page and writing the content, where she helped share information about the chronic kidney diseaseCKDand our project. She also played a crucial role in working in the lab, where she helped duplicating DNA and extracting plasmid.


Boyi (Lily) Li works in the bio team. She experiments on the cells and DNA using PCR. What's more, she designs the home page of the wiki.


Haohan Zhang contributed to the human practice part of the project by composing articles and posting them online to attract the public's attention to Synthesise Biology and Chronic Kidney Disease. Also, he cooperated with his teammates to work on the business plan, specifically on the aspect of public awareness of Chronic Kidney Disease and interviews of experts.


Yumeng Jiang contributed to the design of Wiki website, including collecting the information of each teammate. Besides, she wrote the marketing strategy in the business plan and made an article about the introduction of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD), including writing something about the symptoms of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) and the harm of Chronic Kidney Diseases (CDK).




Academic Consultants

Prof. Xiao, China Pharmaceutical University

Prof. Zhang, Shanghai Institute of Biological Science

Prof. Han, Wuhan Polytechnic University

       Academic support in biological science and project improvement

Prof. Chu, Fudan University

       Academic support in Social science and business

Primary Investigator

Ke Zhu

       Project brainstorming, overall supervision of the team


Dr. Cuicui Liu

Ms. Yangyang Kong

       Wet group planning, experiments guidance and results analysis support

Mr. Xin Lu 

       Dry Group planning and instructions


Supporting Organizations

Shanghai Xuhui Siqiao Science & Technology Research Center


Science and Technology CommissionXuhuiShanghai


Shanghai Xuhui Kangjian Community


Shanghai Xuhui Central Hospital



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