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    Nap tuner


Nap tuner is another IGEM team that aims to use engineered probiotics to reduce the negative effects that result from staying up late.

They kindly give us suggestions about our business plan as well as human practices, to be more specific, they helped us to better position our product in the market. We also posted each other’s derivative products on our online stores and wechat subscription accounts to further boost sales.





AtreXtinct contains excellent high school students all over the world. They used a synthetic biology technique aimed at converting atrazine into cyanuric acid. And in the presence of atrazine in certain samples, the fluorescent protein appears green to the naked eye, making it easier to detect.

AtreXtinct Joined our educational lecture at Xuhui’s health center, and also give us many useful advice about our whole project design and demonstration. After briefly introduced both team’s projects, we ask questions and for each other to further improve project design.



[our educational lecture at Xuhui’s health center]


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