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Our research result is to create a genetically modified probiotic, which could help the kidney decrease the PCS in our body. Since there are just so many causes for CKD in the real-world, the current treatments are only applicable for specific causes, and the health supplement or drugs for PCS are not yet available in the industry. As the most recent scientific discovery has just proved the formation and accumulation of PCS as an additional cause for CKD. Our engineered probiotic, in this case, would play a crucial role in fighting against PCS and hence CKD. Potential customers/end users of our product are generally CKD patients. We believe that our research would help the kidney decrease the PCS in our body. As a result, we would like to turn our product to a health supplement for daily use, such as capsule or drink. Ideally, once our get permit from the government, we’ll follow the strategies from our business plan, and will work with different agencies and hospitals, trying to deliver such healthy product to the public, especially our local community.   Although our research has made progress in the lab, our product hasn’t gone through a clinical test. This is what we would do in the future. We may collaborate with some healthcare giants to help us with moving forward with the commercialization of our engineered probitic. In detail we may try to accelerate the research progress, recruit volunteer subjects, expand marketing channels, conduct public communication through the collaborations. Since the future test may involve human volunteers, one of our priorities is about its safety to humans. We would like to ensure that the product has no harm to human body before it goes to further stage.



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