Team:Shanghai United/Fundraising

非模块化方式使用layui Entprenuership






The distribution of your raised fund: 1900RMB to pay our starting up budget, and the rest we decided to reinvest all into our future promotion as our team's fund. We planned to use this money mainly on renting places and promotion of the brand. We want to show the ones who donated this money to us how we are using it, and show them that our project is a wise one to invest in.




To regain our investments, and also have budget for our future promotion activities. Let more people know about what we are working on, gain public support.


For our fundraising, we used a large part of our budget to design and purchase 30 t-shirts, 40 hats, 50 canvas bags, and 72 mugs, and we have put our logos or team name on all these products. To regain our investments, we used both online and offline methods. In terms of online retailing, we created an official Weidman account for iGEM products only and promoting it to all of our friends and relatives through social networking. (See figure one) On the other hand, we set up a simple stall at Xuhui’s health center, where many parents would visit regularly throughout the week. In addition, since there is a big group chat for our public lecture about chronic kidney diseases, we regularly post our shop link in the chat as well as selling to our participants face to face.




On the other hand, we raised 4081RMB through an online fundraising application. And we used this money to pay for our budget used for derivative products, and also for hosting more offline promotion activities.



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