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非模块化方式使用layui Entprenuership






1. Pipette tip should be used, and it is strictly prohibited to use the pipette to draw directly.

2. All pipettes shall be fitted with cotton plugs to reduce pipette contamination.

3. Do not blow gas into solutions containing infectious substances.

4. Biosafety cabinet can only be used when it is running normally.

5. The glass baffle shall not be opened in the biosafety cabinet during use.

6. Equipment or specimens should be placed as little as possible in the safety cabinet, so as not to affect the airflow circulation of the rear pressure exhaust system.

7. Test tubes and specimen containers used for centrifugation should always be tightly closed (screw caps are preferred).

8. Loading, balancing, sealing and opening of the centrifugal barrel must be carried out in the biosafety cabinet.

9. The centrifugal barrel and the cross shaft shall be paired according to weight and balanced correctly after loading the centrifugal tube.

10. The operation guide shall provide the space to be set aside between the liquid level and the orifice of the core tube.

11. When homogenizer, shaker and ultrasonic processor are used, pressure will be generated inside the container, and aerosols containing infectious substances may escape from the gap between the lid and the container. Plastic containers, especially Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), are recommended because glass can break and release infectious material that can harm the operator.

12. When using the homogenizer, shaker and ultrasonic processor, the equipment should be covered with a strong and transparent plastic box and disinfected after use. If possible, these instruments can be operated in a biosafety cabinet covered with a plastic cover.

13. The maximum temperature of incubators is 60.
14. The specimen tube should be opened in the biosafety cabinet.

15. Gloves must be worn, and protection of the eyes and mucous membranes (goggles or masks) is recommended.
16. In order to avoid the spread of droplets and aerosols, these instruments should be of the closed type.



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