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Our team and SHSBNU_China had established a fantastic partnership between the groups as we had help each other out throughout the whole iGEM period.
Firstly, the PI of both teams had held seminar together to discuss the locust’s aggregation pheromone as both teams aimed for eliminating the locust plague. For SHSBNU_China, they wanted to degrade the aggregation pheromone guaiacol and serotonin to avoid locusts swarm development.
Secondly, during our laboratory experiment, we had shared the lab together. By sharing the lab, both of the team members had help each other out in daily laboratory experiments, e.g. help to spot the mistake that causes the test failed, help to enhance the reliability of the test result, shared lab equipment and consumable materials while others in need…… Mostly, we would like to thank SHSBNU_China for providing vector pSB4K5 to construct DMPR sensor and PAAX sensor for us, as it was a necessary part for our experiment to ongoing. Moreover, between teams, we had held many small competitions in labs such as the time taken for insert pipette tips, the successful rate of plasmid extraction, the efficiency of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) etc. In addition, we had a collaboration on testing the locust evaporative molecules sensor. In other words, we had provided the substitution of the sensor test while SHSBNU offered molecules samples for the test. The results played a significant data in both of our team’s results, as for our team, it helped to expand our sensor subtracts broad-spectrum data and helped SHSBNU_China’s team to testify the function of guaiacol degrading enzyme system.
In Human practices area, both of our teams had helped others to enhance the questionnaire questions readability and content diversity. Also, both teams helped to forward the survey and articles written by others team to increase public awareness. Besides, our team had allowed SHSBNU_China to ask some professional questions while holding our academician Le Kang’s interview, which efficiently helped them to improve their projects professional degrees. And they had helped us to discover the global status of locust’s plague in their interview with a professor in their interview with a professor in this field.
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Our team and CAU_China had established a strong partnership between the groups as our project can be positively linked together to provide a more immense benefit on eliminating locusts plague.
During CCIC, we had listened to each other's presentation and promotion video, gaining a full understanding of different groups project. We both realize that the other group's project can significantly benefit our own result, as our team, TPR_China aims to gathering locust plague and dissolving the substance that led to predator favouring solitary locusts, while CAU_China was trying to kill locusts with RNAi technology. So, after the conference, we had shared our project ideas together and tried to find a way to enhance both of our projects.
By combining our results, our teams' product 4VA could attract locusts to the regions that the farmers have already sprayed the CAU_China's product, biopesticide, this would help us avoid the problem of how to eliminate locust after gathering and a way to handle the bodies. By combining our products, we could make the whole eliminating locust system clearer. In order to succeed that together we designed hardware which contained both their bacteria and ours, which together creates a complete set of locust plague control kit. The model is shown below:
The equipment we developed with the CAU_China is basically a trap that is surrounded by the net. At the bottom of the equipment, there is a "bait box" that could hold the 4VA and Nitrilase engineered bacteria to attract locusts and dissolve PAN. Once the locust has been drawn to the equipment, the bacteria designed by the team CAU_China will kill those locusts.
Additionally, we would like to have further cooperation with CAU_China in the experiment testing of 4VA and Human Practice. However, considering the pandemic and the process of the experiment, we could hardly have an offline activity and the test.
As a whole, the collaboration our team had with CAU_China was successful. We had helped each other with a better solution by combining our product and prove it by the hardware we designed together.
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