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Team Leaders

Qiaohan Xu

I'm Susan Xu, a 12th grader from Moonshot Academy. As one of the student leaders of our team, I led the planning of our Human Practice projects, including expert's interview, the runing of our official Account, and so on. The passages we published got 15,000 views in total.

Yida Zhang

Hey, I’m Hilary Yida Zhang, a y12 student at Truro High School. Interested in biochemistry and love to put an effort in the field. iGEM is not only about the project for me but also meeting brilliant people who have the same desire as I do.

Zijia Liu

I'm Eloise Liu. I’m really passionate about biology. For me, the charm of biology not only derive from the vitality of life, but also because it can vividly present the form of life in front of us with the developmentof technology.


Bohan Li

My name is Eric Li, and I am mainly responsible for building wiki pages in my team. Also one of the first group of experimenters responsible for the formation of DNA.

Botong Sun

I am Tom and I serve as a graphic designer in the team. I designed the prototype of our website.

Duyuan Fang

Im Alvin, a very new high school student who joined the team when I was still in grade 9. I am interested in synthetic biology and good at video making. In the team, I involved in the upstream construction of Nitrilase and held an online education publicity talk. After that, I got involved in the Promotion Video shooting and finished most of this videos post production.

Hao Wu

Hi! My name is Jerry Wu-The most well-rounded person in this team (I’m handy with multiple tasks, for instance, doing experiments, web coding and acting in the video). “You can always trust Jerry.”

Jialin Wang

Hi, I am Jialin Wang and you can call me Lavinia. I am a member of TPR China and class of 2022. I go to Friends' Central School, which is a private high school in Pennsylvania. I am crazy about biology because I love nature. I am also a cross-country runner, a rower and an artist. I am an optimistic and confident girl. Participating in iGEM this year is a fantastic thing for me!

Lidong Lin

Here is Max Lin, or Lidong Lin in Chinese, from Shandong Experimental High School. Usually be called social expert or team diplomatist due to excellent sociability. Also have great passion on learning new stuffs and do well in it.

Manli Liu

Hello everyone, I'm Manli Liu, or you can call me Libby. I'm from Shandong Experimental High School. I love biochemistry, dancing and boxing, which show that I am a lively and actively girl. Internally, I was mainly responsible for the publicity work and human practice, and also participated in the experiment. Hope all of us can get perfect scores in iGEM.

Shizhuo Li

Li Shizhuo from Shijiazhuang, China is a member of TPR_China. I am fond of biology and relevant subjects, which was a incentive for me to participate in IGEM. In the daily life, I am personally brave and love to go on adventures and to explore new things. I used to do research on heavy metal pollution and now doing research with team on degradation of Nitrilase. I was mainly doing the initial works, brainstorming, and planning, as well as doing the following experiments and trials.

Sophia Du

Hi, I am Sophia Du, a 10th grade student from Beijing. I am the leader of design group inside our team, and all the aesthetic elements of our team are related to me in some ways.

Wenfei Hao

I am Joyce Wenfei Hao, a sophomore from the Affiliated High School of Renmin University of China. I joined the TPR-China team to participate in the iGem competition out of my love for biology and curiosity after being exposed to synthetic biology. It is a pleasure to meet so many like-minded students during the contest, and I hope to gain more knowledge about synthetic biology during the iGem contest.

Xinyuan Hao

I’m Xinyuan Hao, I’m mainly responsible for the creativity of promotion video in the team, and I have contributed a lot to the experiment.

Xitong Liang

My name is Joyce Xitong Liang, a sophomore from an all-girls school in NJ, the US. My interests are in anatomy and physiology and I’m exploring on the track of becoming the person who I want to be. I also love music, photography, and sports, like track and tennis. I'm always an implementer of our team.

Yuchen Han

My name is Steve Han, and I'm a 9th-grade student from Darlington school. In addition to doing the experiments, I was responsible for building the wiki interface and shooting videos.

PI & Instructer

 Zhi Sun

Yulin Ning