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On August 28, 2020, TPR-CHINA participated in the 7th CCIC Online Summit as one of the teams focused on locusts. The final presentation was simulated in the form of lecture, poster, presentation and workshop, and our project design and results were initially displayed.
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What is CCIC?

CCIC is a national summit spontaneously formed by my country's IGEM participating teams. It aims to provide a platform for resource sharing among participating IGEM teams and promote mutual learning and communication. The CCIC Summit was guided by the Synthetic Biology Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Bioengineering, and hosted by the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shenzhen Institute of Synthetic Biology Innovation. It brought a series of wonderful expert lectures to IGEMer across the country online. The online meeting format completes the communication and sharing process of the regular summit.

What did we Do?

During this CCIC participation, we made a complete video of the project introduction: the logic of our project was connected in the form of video; in addition, we made the corresponding poster for the first time, and we found out the shortcomings in design of poster through comparison with other teams , hope to make improvements in the subsequent project process. In the course of the conference, our self-directed and self-performed videos were highly praised, and we also had exchanges ideas with many other teams on related video production styles.
In particular, this summit divided all teams related to locust research into the same display period and designed a workshop session. With this, we learned about the solutions proposed by other teams in the face of the locust plague problem and contacted the CAU-China team, hoping to reach cooperation in the future.
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We appreciate the organizer of this online community CCIC (conference of China IGEMer community) for providing us the precious chance to participate and display ourselves in such a prestigious meeting. The experience of this conference would be really useful for the improvement of our project.
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Tong Yi Qi Yuan

Why did we conduct this on-line seminar?

With theCOVID-19 epidemic sweeping the world, the topic of epidemiology and public health has entered our lives on a wider scale and has become a popular topic in life science research. In this context, TPR-CHINA participated in and co-organized the online lectures released by TongYiQiYuan and invited the academician Gao Fu to give a lecture on "A Brief History of Humans and Hospital Microbes",This lecture emphasized the importance of synthetic biology.
The important role of disease prevention and treatment. Our primary goal is to attract more young scholars to join the research of life science and synthetic biology. At the same time we would like to point out the problems in the face of the development of life science. With the foundation of this online lecture, we initially attracted more than 100 scholars and researchers of different stages to join the community to learn synthetic biology and life science knowledge from each other or together. From now on we hope to have more activities in the future and more exchanges in ideas within this group.
Poster of this online activity

What is this Seminar About?

As an important subject of modern biology, synthetic biology has played a pivotal role in interdisciplinary fields. For example, epidemiology currently uses a large number of synthetic biology as a tool. Nowadays, all mankind is making every effort to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, and it has demonstrated its vitality while trying to strengthen the prevention and control of infectious diseases. From the perspective of Mr. Gao as an expert in the field of virus structural biology, synthetic biology, as a representative of the third life science revolution, as a tool discipline for human manipulation of genes and proteins, will surely become an important part of the coordinated development of humans and microorganisms in the 21st century.
Through Mr. Gao’s explanation, using synthetic biology, we can go deeper into the pathogenic mechanism of hospital microorganisms and modify our vaccines according to its characteristics. The same method is not only applicable to epidemics, but in the future, we will use the powerful capabilities of synthetic biology. Finding a treatment plan for an incurable disease, even further, we can even manage to solve famine and promote social development.
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Further Discussion

However, the strength of synthetic biology is destined to be a double-edged sword. As a high school student, previously we had a very simple understanding of its potential dangers. However, biological health has become an increasingly important topic with the development of synthetic biology: Whether the transformation of life meets the requirements of health and harmony has become a question we need to ask ourselves. Once this technology is abused, it may be the stagnation of agricultural development, global biological disasters, social unrest, and various The extinction of species and even humans. The potential behind these synthetic biology enlighten us to go out of the laboratory and look forward to the infinite possibilities that life sciences bring to mankind, while taking the supreme principle of life safety into our hearts.
After all, the future is destined to belong to us, young scholars. The rudder of the development of life sciences, is destined to be in our hands. Through this lecture activity, we have gained the attention of 107 online audiences, interpreting the relationship between the COVID-19 epidemic and synthetic biology, and actively appealing More young scholars like us have joined the research of synthetic biology, and initially established such an online community with expert lectures and cooperation and exchanges as the link. The online form of the community is well adapted to the current epidemic situation. This style of office work also provides more convenience for resource sharing.
We plan to use this community to extensively explore the use of life sciences in the face of the epidemic, from the science of self-protection to the science of synthetic biology in vaccine development. Specific applications, and hope to attract more people to join in the study and contribute to the joint prevention and control of the epidemic.
Finally, this online lecture has been compiled by the TongYiQiYuan and published as a public article. Till the completion of these words, more than 261 people have read it. We are now looking forward to the next such expert lecture or community exchange to a greater degree Attract scholars to join.

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We appreciate the main organizer: TongYiQiYuan for its full present of support on TPR_China and the huge effort it made in order to accomplish this activity successfully.
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