Team:TPR China/Improvement

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We aimed to find a broad-spectrum aromatic sensor reacting to PAN molecules.In the iGEM component library, there is already an aromatic Sensor Toolbox. We selected candidates Sensor by finding the small molecule with the best response and the similarity of the chemical structure with PAN.We constructed Xyls_sfGFP(BBa_K3599034)based on existing part BBa_K1031941.

1. Design of Xyls_sfGFP

To enhance Xyls-sensor's effect on the response to aromatic small molecules, we redesigned it. The BBa_K1031941 in the part library has been improved.Our new Part Xyls_sfGFP number is BBa_K3599034.
Fig.1 Biosensor circuit of BBa_K1031941
Fig.2 Biosensor circuit of Xyls_sfGFP(BBa_K3599034)

2. Sensor induced by small molecules

The sensor we tested was better by inducing Xyls_sfGFP and Xyls_GFP with m-toluenic acid.
Fig.3 The fluorescence of the sensor induced by m-toluenic acid
Through the corresponding small molecule sensing experiment, we can see that Xyls-sfGFP is 18 times of the Xyls-GPF(BBa_K1031941), the data proves that our improvement achieved success.