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Guaranteeing safety is the first priority of TPR_China, including safety in the lab, bio-safety in the materials used in experiments, and safety in human practices.

Safety in the lab

All members of TPR_China have learned and memorized specific terms of rules in advance before we formally started experiments. Before entering the lab, every member of TPR_China was required to complete an assessment of safety rules and to reach a certain high level of standard in the assessment outcome, otherwise he/she cannot enter the lab. In the course of the experiment, the relevant regulations and safety guidelines of the laboratory were strictly observed, and the experiment was completed under the supervision of the lab officer The deep understanding of safety rules and practical protocols have effectively guaranteed our safety in the lab.

Safety in experimental materials

1. Strains used in the experiments

All members of TPR_China strictly observed the rules and cautioned in the experiments and tried to prevent any organism escaping. TPR_China used E-coli str.BL21 for testing nitrilase activity, BL21 for expression of protein, and DH5α for cloning process in the project. The E-coli strains used are the common species widely used on the white list, which would not produce bio-toxicity. Even escaped, these organism cannot live for long period.

2. Chemicals used in the experiments

Our experiment included the application of PAN-a toxic molecule that is harmful to human health and ecosystem. Considering that, our team used the analog of PAN that has lower toxicity and restricted the amount of PAN using. All member of TPR_China followed the rules and requirements when handling PAN, including the necessary protection.Our advisers have conducted experiments beforehand to gather experiences in order to protect the students. All members of TPR_China strictly observed the rules and cautioned in the experiments and prevented PAN from escaping.

Safety of hardware

We were well-equipped of experimental equipment and facility to handle biological materials. Use sharp tools such as scissors under the supervision of a guardian or teacher, the adviser have provided guidance and assessments in advance before students used, which were also included the safety assessment before team members entering the lab at very beginning.

Risk recognition and solutions

General bio-safety level evaluation is Level 1 (Low risk). Recognizing the potential risks, we set up rules. Apart from the solutions mentioned above, we also have Laboratory Notebook, which always provides essential guidance during our experiments. Everyone have also been trained to understand the prohibited actions and emergency safety measures, lab fire safety measures, the storage of hazardous chemicals, the disposal of laboratory waste, the daily management of the laboratory, as well as the notes for the use of laboratory instruments.