Team: UCAS-China


On asteroid B612, Little prince managed to eradicate baobab saplings day in and day out. Because once they had occasionally grown up, their roots could easily split the entire asteroid into pieces. At the end of the story, B612 eventually gets a sheep. It eats up the baobab shoots that wildly grow but never uproots them. So the little prince, the baobab tree and the sheep formed a stable ecological balance. This story gives us new ideas on the treatment of Helicobacter pylori related diseases. H. pylori has been symbiotic with humans in the stomach for more than 60,000 years. If it over-grow or disappear, people will suffer from various diseases. However, the current treatment can not effectively control the number of H. pylori in a reasonable range. So we proposed "SHEEP" therapy, which introduced engineered L. acidophilus into the stomach to realize the balance of microecology. We get data from capsule robot which can sample and take pictures in stomach, and simulate the ternary balance process, so as to achieve personalized treatment of patients.