iGEM UZurich 2020

Medal Requirements

🥉 Bronze


We have successfully completed all required Deliverables.


Everyone who contributed to our project is listed on the Attributions page.


Our Project Description gives a comprehensive overview of our project.


We have documented our Contribution to iGEM.

🥈 Silver

Engineering Success

We have successfully demonstrated expression and localization of PRRs in S. cerevisiae.


We collaborated with the Swiss teams to organize the second-ever Swiss iGEM Meetup. We were also part of a group of European teams conducting projects related to water quality.

Human Practices

We talked with water quality experts to learn more about the importance and the challenges of water quality testing.

Proposed Implementation

Our engineered bioreporter would allow for quick quantification of bacterial load in a water sample.

🥇 Gold

Part Improvement

We codon-optimized the NanoLuc LargeBit for S. cerevisiae and characterized the part in the registry.

Integrated Human Practices

Our project goal and strategy changed due to input from experts in biosensing and water quality testing.


We have reached out to all age groups to educate and inform about synthetic biology.

🏆 Special Prizes

Best Plant Synthetic Biology

We compete for best plant synthetic biology project with our novel approach to biosensing using plant PRRs.

Best Human Practices

Our Human Practice efforts have shaped our project from loose idea to concrete concept. We believe to have offered an exceptional example of Integrated Human Practices in our iGEM project.