iGEM UZurich 2020

Platinum Sponsors

Upon our first contact with the Faculty of Science (FOS), they were excited to hear about the iGEM competition and our pursuit of representing the UZH. The president and the board were so kind, to financially tribute towards our participation in the jamboree, as well as enabling us to partake in the swiss iGEM meetup in Lausanne. It is a great honor to represent the UZH in this international competition. It is a privilege to be studying at such an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial faculty. We hope to represent our university well!

The Science Alumni of the University of Zurich (UZH) believed in the iGEM vision from day one. Having already generously supported the first team from the UZH last year, they kindly decided to continue the partnership with our team for this year. Their financial contribution made it possible to register our team for the iGEM competition. We appreciate not only their support towards our academic future, but also that they supply us with a platform to share our experiences. We are incredibly thankful for their trust.

Gold Sponsors

It may be clear by now, that the UZH’s investment towards research and their support for students is very large. We are thankful that as an additional financial source, the President’s Service has also kindly contributed to our finances. It means a lot to us, that our university truly believes in our vision and eagerly supports our pursuit in research.

In February of 2020 we met with the Microsynth representative, and asked for the possibility of in-kind sponsorship towards our iGEM team. Immediately, we received very positive feedback. They support all of the swiss teams with their services. We value their convenient ordering system and have received nothing but top-quality product from Microsynth.

The company is partnering with iGEM teams for it’s seventh consecutive year. Their in-kind provision of 20kb custom DNA facilitated research for dozens of iGEM teams, including ours. Their contribution to the research surrounding synthetic biology is invaluable, and we appreciate their service greatly.

We owe a particular thank you to Promega, their in kind sponsorship contributed to the part improvement aspect of our iGEM efforts. Additionally, the company's representatives took time to discuss our project plans together. They have developed water testing kits and we profited from their expertise in the fields of quantification, and output information. To read more about how their inputs shaped the development of our project, read more about our Human Practices.

Silver Sponsors

Benchling is partnering with iGEM for the second year in a row, and is providing all teams with access to their Notebook software. We used Benchling’s software daily in the lab to document our progress, plan experiments in-silico and share experiment protocols.

For the first time, Snapgene is partnering with iGEM and offered software licenses to all teams. Snapgene made designing plasmids and primers a breeze, and allowed us to easily check sequencing results and visualize experiments in-silico.

We also thank the praxis Dr. Sylvia Baumann Kurer for her kind sponsorship, allowing us to continue with our science communication and education program.