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Team1: The Filters

Team Intro:

Hi. We are The Filters. Our team's mission is to filter out some of the bad bacterial toxins and make the kidneys healthy. Our final goal is to filter the diseases and create a better life. To complete our mission, we are now researching how to use engineered probiotics to degrade p-cresol, thereby reducing the probability of getting kidney diseases.


What did we collaborate on:

It was a great experience to collaborate with the team The Filters. We provided our team's experience in offline activities and suggestions on how to promote the product better. In return, the team The Filters gave us some ideas on writing wiki. Also, members of both teams subscribed to each other's WeChat official accounts.



Team 2: AtreXtinct

Team Intro:

Atrazine, which is produced by the Swiss agrochemical company Syngenta, was first registered for use in the United States in 1959. But 80 million pounds of the stuff is used each year in the United States - it is now the second most used herbicide in the US after glyphosate. Owing mainly to the superior herbicidal efficacy and cheapness of atrazine, the current policy in China is to strengthen pesticide registration and review of pesticide varieties containing atrazine, without explicitly restricting the use of atrazine. It's a common contaminant of ground, surface and drinking water. It's so dangerous to both people and wildlife that it has been banned by the European Union. All the Atrazine testing equipment that exists on the market today has major flaws - it's expensive, heavy, and difficult to operate. Thus, atrazine will leak into farms, lakes, and markets. To solve this problem, our team used a synthetic biology technique aimed at converting atrazine into cyanuric acid. And in the presence of atrazine in certain samples, the fluorescent protein appears green to the naked eye, making it easier to detect.


What did we collaborate on:

We followed each other's WeChat official account.




Team 3: GalAcid

Team Intro

In China, the number of people suffering from saccharin disease has exceeded 100 million. This time, we will focus on galactosemia, one of the saccharin diseases, and try to use innovative solutions to cure this vast number of patients. Galactosemia is an inherited disorder of galactose metabolism due to the deficiency of uridin-1-phosphotransferase, which results in the deposition of galactophosphate and galactol. According to the studies of red and liver enzymes, there are many variants of this enzyme. The main lesions were liver, kidney, and brain. The clinical manifestations include vomiting, refeeding, irritability, diarrhea, decreased muscle tone, jaundice, and hepatomegaly. It may even develop into some long-term diseases that follow. As for our research project, we aim to use an innovative solution to heal those galactosemia patients by building engineered probiotics which may affect decomposing undigestible galactose into useful butyric which is not only the main energy source of intestinal mucosal cells but also contributes to reducing the production of pro-inflammatory factors and the occurrence of intestinal inflammation.


What did we collaborate on:

There is a similarity between our project and GalAcid: we all make use of engineered probiotics to achieve our product. Plus, we found that our two teams of bacteria could coexist. Therefore, we, NapTuner and GalAcid, based on producing and selling our individual products, also decided to jointly develop and launch a joint product that can not only reduce the harm of staying up late but also help metabolize galactose in the human body. Of course, for people even without this galactosemia disease, this product helps the body to metabolize galactose better, which removes any doubt consumers might have about why they could buy the product even if they did not have the disease. We believe that this joint product will have a great market in China and even the whole world. From the perspective of market demand, not only a large proportion of people have health problems caused by staying up late, but also people can use this joint product as a health care product to better metabolize their galactose. It will be a win-win situation.


Contact Email:
Wechat: Search "NapTuner" in WeChat