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非模块化方式使用layui Entprenuership





1. Wear lab coat and plastic gloves before entering the lab.

2. Never bring drinks or drink anything in the lab.

3. Make sure you wear goggles when exposing to poisonous gas or solution.

4. Clean work area after working every day.

5. Always have a good understanding of the procedure before starting an experiment.

6. Long hair and loose clothing should be securely fastened.

7. Remember to wear shoes that cover your feet.

8. When your hands are wet do not touch any electric device or plug.

9. When handling the reagents, the cork should be placed in a clean place and sealed immediately after taking the reagents.

10. After the experiment, the left solution cannot be randomly thrown, or take out of the chemistry lab, but must be put into the recycling container or trash can.

Possible Risks:

Here are the microorganisms involved in this experiment:

Escherichia coli

Biosafety level 1

The medium by which the plasmids of vectors and segments we used (p15A and pET28a)

Other materials used are dried primers

The dye used during the PCR might be cancerogenic if it is touched without PPE


All of the experiments are conducted under controlled environment in ATLATL innovation lab (Biosafety level 1) with the supervision from both the lab and from local institution (Chinese Academy of Science, Shanghai). Before conducting the experiment, all of the members are well-trained.

There are no animals involved in the experiments, and the genetically modified bacteria are strictly contained to prevent the potential risks.

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