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It is reported in Cell journal that lacking sleep causes the accumulation of reactive oxygen species in the gut and the gradual accumulation of ROS may even leads to death .

On the basis of this, our engineered probiotic may be very meaningful for our future since it tackles ROS and hence helps us with fighting against negative effects caused by staying up or even deprivation of sleep. .

In current society, especially in metropolis, more and more people have been caring about sleep quality and health in general, among whom we believe that suppose that those white collar professionals will be interested in our engineered probiotic. They stay with fast working pace, peer pressures and have quite strong buying power. Meanwhile, most white collar professionals are interested in leading technologies, which may make a market niche for our potential products based on engineered probiotic.

Since it is highly possible that our future potential users will be young white collar professionals, we propose that the commercial products designed on the basis of our engineered probiotic should be kind of drinks such as yogurt, lactobacillus beverage, and beer. Yong white collar professionals usually consumes a large number of such beverages in daily life. More importantly, such kind of drinks fit in the requirement of growing bacteria.

In addition, for our future female consumers, we imagine that we may add our engineered probiotic in cosmetics, which will probably enhance the popularity of our products in female consumers.

To fulfil our implementation, several key issues should be taken into consideration:

1)The research progress: we need to design a specific and feasible research and development schedule. We must ensure that our research progress about engineered probiotic on degrading ROS to fit in the market niche in time;

2)Capital matters: We need to attract some investment to support our R & D procedures

3)Safety issues: we should consider about the potential safety problems that may be caused by our research and potential products. We highly concern about its safety to humans. We want to ensure that our product has no side-effect on health. Moreover, as we try to design our product as a form of food, we should also take the food spoilage problem into consideration.

4)Policy concerns: We need to communicate with the authorities and the government to convince them of supporting our research

5)Sales and marketing channels: We need to accurately target our potential consumers and then develop stable sales and marketing channels.



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