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Our team is grouped by several high school students, to complete our human practice, fundraising is a key process to our success in our investigation as the budget of our activity is non-negligible. Also, a sufficient fund has a great effect on our HP design.


Fundraising design


At first, our idea is to contact some medicine companies or biotech companies as our project is connected with synthetic biology. After contacting different companies and NPO organizations, we found that a number of small companies or the local shop owners are more in favor of taking the opportunities to sponsor us in order to advertise their organizations.


Operating Process


1. Introduce our project: showing our special characteristic

2. Negotiate the details of the funding

3. Reach a consensus

4. Sign the contract




We found a pharmaceutical company on the website. Through the introduction on the web page, we got to know the specific situation of this company and thought it was consistent with our project. Therefore, we came up with whether they could sponsor us and we advertise them in return. Whereupon we had a phone call with this company, and they said they wanted to see our final product and then sponsor it. For the time being, they do not need us to help promote them.


Final Result


We finally contacted with AlevelWorld (英寰教育). After providing the introduction of our project and what will we do in the future, we received their willingness to support us and gave us the sponsorship fund of 2100rmb after signing the contract. In return, we advertised them at the end of five tweets on our WeChat official account.



Non-profit Spirit


We want to do something meaningful to society and also advertise iGEM more. Therefore, based on making a profit of 600RMB from our stall, we also decided to keep part of our related products and the remaining 2200RMB fund to donate to an organization that helps autistic children. Each child has one bag for each of the 40 bags, and then they will take the rest of the products to the charity sale. They will use the money they get from the sale and the 2200RMB that we give to the organization for the rehabilitation treatment of those children.




Autistic children have always been a serious problem in our city, for their worrying and unstable physical health, emotional feelings, and right to education. Therefore, we decided to do something for them. In order to make these children happy, we design 39 special bags with our logo to give them. After each of them having a bag, the rest will be taken by the relevant agency for a charity sale. Additionally, we donate 1700 CYN to the agency for the rehabilitation treatment of those children.


We also tell the staff and the children in that agency about our team's topic and harms brought by staying out late, encouraging more children to study hard, participate in the learning of  biology and other relative deciplines, and pursue university degree.

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