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●7/18 research topic discussion (led by dr. wang from Chinese Academy of Science)

●7/25 first offline bonding

○established our team name, team logo, and team slogan

○Captain election

○Made several icebreakers to help us get to know each other and build friendship and team soul

●7/26 wet team day 1

○Learn about the use of laboratory apparatus, the principle of reagent dilution, and PCR principal 

○Configure PCR reaction system and gain the DNA fragments from the PCR reaction

○Configure agarose electrophoresis and test the DNA fragments from PCR reaction

●7/27 wet team day 2

○PCR products of sod and cat genes were separated and purified from the gel extraction. 

○Test the DNA concentration

○Double digestion and connection of 2 genes and plasmid

○purified DNA fragment was digested with restriction enzymes and the digested products was ligated to the linear plasmid.

●7/28 wet team day 3

○Verify the right clones by using PCR and send the verified samples for sequencing

○preparation and transformation of competent cells from Escherichia coli.

○Make solid LB plates

●7/29 wet team & dry team exchange

○Compose WeChat posts

○Advertise our market demand survey of stay-up-late alleviation products

●7/30 wet team day 4

○Verify the sequencing of sod and cat gene

○Extract plasmid

○cultivate the protein expression of bacterial strain

○IPTG overnight induction

●7/31 wet team, day 5

○Centrifugate the inducted bacterial cells

○The target proteins were released from the cells by sonication.

○Purify SOD and CAT protein by nickel chromatography

○Detection of SOD and CAT proteins by using SDS page


○Take official portrait for wiki

●8/3 wet team, day 6

○Concentrate and desalinate the SOD and CAT protein

○The enzyme activity of SOD was examined.

●8/4 wet team, day 7

○The enzyme activity of CAT was examined.

○Review the entire experimental ideas


○Team report speech



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