Team:ZJUT China B



The global pandemic of COVID-19 highlights the great importance of detecting viruses. We aim to construct a "Multivirus Monitor" as an application of CRISPR Cas13 in point-of-care diagnostics, which could detect multiple viruses in one pot. We tested the feasibility of the platform by testing the specificity between Cas13 orthologs and their sequence-specific reporters. We designed a multivirus detecting device which combines sample processing,amplification and detecting chambers. Based on fluorescence detecting,the detecting results can be processed and transmitted to mobile terminals to make the results visible. We are designing an interactive platform called "virusee" which could provide optimal solutions and suggestions to users. Furthermore,we are constructing a database called "viralibrary",which could provide users with viral information and its corresponding crRNA. Conceived as a multivirus detecting and feedback platform for rapid point-of-care diagnostics, Multivirus Monitor can be a promising weapon in the unpredictable fight against viruses.


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